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although not being scam, but cheated sleep for a few months.An engagement ring has spent 5 backMarriage photos with real inconsistent, but looks handsome, Chen is also a how to seduce a woman?According to Chen confessed, and women first met, he had to wear a fixed line head: two gold rings, a gold necklace and a watch,air max pas cher pour homme, and a heart-shaped box of dress engagement ring, holding a handbag to go. In addition to the bag is equipped with more than 5000 yuan in cash, as well as ready to leave real estate license,red bottoms, driving license, etc., a meeting on the stand to see the woman, “to show sincerity.””Women look at his outfit and documents, knew where.” Tan Changjun police investigators said.Next, Chen dating the woman said,hollister france, “My wife died, and this has decided to single life, you can be seen only after the feeling that you are my true love, it can stay together for the rest of your other half the next.” This rotten vulgar The Korean plot, always makes the woman moved.At this point, he would keep a close eye woman’s eyes,barbour paris, but also to see if there is a trace of wavering, will immediately pulled out a killer – engagement ring. “I bought a ring,parajumpers homme, and I look forward to get married that day for you to wear.” When Chen say that, and he was dating a woman have surrendered.After the talk, he will take the initiative to invite the woman to his “house” visit, continue to show a “good faith” is actually a woman the opportunity to find out the ins and outs. See the “house” to see the woman did not open car, the woman sent her home to live in a cell can be observed what grade.”He usually only pick wealthy woman to start, if it is found money will disappear, if he would play a little beauty, that woman is the case after 90 encounter.” Police said the rocket engagement ring he used five times, Harvest heart every time.

but no one really put on, because Chen said the people should be given to wear when married.Female doctor actually said that it is willing to wait for himReporters interviewed yesterday, Tan Changjun Wang received messages sent to. It is reported that 38-year-old Wang is a company responsible for doctoral students in reading.

may be a police check their marriage certificate is a fake.Chen said, no place to live after his release in 2010, he fraudulently divorced Ms. Liu’s favor, in 2011 she was admitted to the house in Jiangxia. Chen claimed to have acquaintances in the Civil Affairs Bureau, she does not go out,giubbotto woolrich, just the photos to his marriage certificate will be completed. But he bought two fake marriage certificate, Ms. Liu deceived more than three years,doudoune pjs, so she called his son a white three-year “Daddy.”Later,doudoune femme moncler, Chen gambling owed 300,000 yuan loan sharks,christian louboutin cheap, they began planning online marriage lie. He first Hongshan, Hankou and Hanyang rented three suites,woolrich, do a fake real estate license,hollister italia, land certificate and booklet; they rented a Kia car, do a fake driving license. Since March this year, he began to send Internet Personals: Wuhan civil servants,woolrich parka, a house and a car,doudoune parajumpers, really courtship. Women continue to have the initiative to contact him.Chen said he one day early.

middle and late, and three women were to be dating. Am new understanding about women in music Cimenkou restaurant tea,chaussure louboutin pas cher, at about’ve seen a few faces of the women went to the Optical Valley for dinner in the evening and then about a woman already familiar to the rental house cohabitation. “He will not hurry, always step by step,parajumpers pas cher, every woman on his cell phone and last place names are accurate labeling, in order to avoid the wrong call.” Tan Changjun introduction. It is reported that deal with different women, he has never really called the wrong name every day.Although there are “married”, but Chen often spare,christian louboutin shoes, do not even go, causing the “wife” Ms. Liu doubt. But Chen said that out of the total business need to socialize,barbour paris, smoothed over.After living together, Chen will need to want to do business cash flow, to the “girlfriend” for money. One female boss once gave him $ 100,000.According to police statistics, in addition to Ms. Liu, the Chen from March 10 this year, has cheated more than 30 million women,christian louboutin paris, one of 90 women.