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the major media have recently put Huangyan Island incident as recent important news into eye-catching layout or page headlines and comment accusing successive Philippine unreasonable provocation.Following the said in a commentary in the overseas edition of its May 8 “benevolence to do when there are righteous, need not forbear intolerable”, the official newspaper of the CPC Central Committee, “People’s Daily” May 10 commentary in another article the article said that in China’s strength, can choose another approach. China once again highlights the exodus as the peaceful development of the will. Article quoted an ancient Chinese saying that “potential can not make do.

Chinese Vice Foreign Minister Fu Ying met again on the 7th Philippine Embassy charge d’affaires, hope the Philippine side will not misjudge the situation,air max pas cher pour homme, continue to promote reckless escalation, and that China also do a deal with the Philippine side to expand the state of affairs of the various preparations.Given the security risks Philippine tourism,tn pas chere, in order to ensure safety of Chinese citizens, the majority of China’s domestic travel agencies have suspended travel to the Philippines and registration fat group, and began discouraging, for a full refund and other measures.After the Huangyan Island incident, the community continued attention to the development China Huangyan Island incident.

do not do absolutely” calling the Philippines “When there is self-knowledge.”Vice president of international relations at Renmin University of China Professor Jin Canrong to Xinhua News Agency,pandora, told reporters that the Philippines provocation on the Huangyan Island incident,nike tn officiel, and domestic economic downturn and other factors.”The Philippine side mistakenly think they have provoked China’s external conditions,air max one pas cher, that China did not dare to use force on the Huangyan Island incident dare continue to create trouble.” Jin said.Chinese military clearly expressed attitude. People’s Liberation Army official newspaper May 10 of “Liberation Army”, in terms of history, human activities and international treaties discussed in detail Huangyan Island belongs to China six irrefutable evidence, and in another article titled “China never expect to take away half inch territory, “the commentary said:” Anyone who tries to snatch the island sovereignty,air max pas cher enfant, not only the Chinese government does not agree,toms shoes outlet, the Chinese people do not agree, the Chinese army will not agree. “In cyberspace,nike tn, Internet users in China are also on the behavior of the Philippine side expressed strong indignation.So far, the Chinese in the Huangyan Island dispute remain self-restraint. In addition to diplomatic efforts, China’s main strategy is to send ocean surveillance ship and fishery boats. Chinese Ambassador to ASEAN Tong Xiaoling said that the practice of passing on the territory of China’s sovereignty can not compromise attitude, but also fully shown not to use force to solve the problem of good will.However,nike air jordan pas cher, the use of public sentiment in the Philippines.

Given the defendant have voluntarily surrendered themselves, may be given a lighter punishment; exit the stolen money on behalf of their families, as appropriate sentences,louboutin femme, it made the above decision.Xinhua Beijing,christian louboutin paris, May 10 (Reporter Zhao Ye Ping any ) month,nike tn pas cher, the Philippines continues to create disturbances in the Chinese territory Huangyan Island waters,christian louboutin outlet, China insists on a diplomatic solution to the dispute by repeatedly warned China’s position and turned a deaf ear. Rude behavior angered the Philippine side of the Chinese people,nike tn, the community have expressed strong support for the Chinese government’s efforts to defend its territorial sovereignty made.In early April, the Philippines near Huangyan Island dispatched warships to harass the 12 Chinese fishing boats, and subsequently attempt to Huangyan Island attributable to submit to international arbitration, and changed its name to the Huangyan Island, want to remove the island and China-related signs and even encouraged domestic and foreign nationals sponsored demonstrations against China and a series of provocative moves.Qionghai City, Hainan fishermen town Tanmen He Shixuan that Huangyan Island in April of this year’s Philippine warship was harassing one of 12 boats Joan? Qionghai No. 09099 fishing boat owners. The ship being harassment and return later,louboutin femme, again to island operation.He Shixuan that Huangyan Island is his home waters for generations operations is an inalienable part of China,air max pas cher homme, “Joan? Qionghai 09099 boat” trip to Huangyan Island is largely to support the country to defend the sovereignty of the Huangyan Island.”Our work in their own reefs,barbour international, no need to be afraid of any country,air max bw pas cher, there is no need to evacuate the ship. I strongly support any efforts by the Government to safeguard the sovereignty of the Huangyan Island to make.” said.Philippine side face provocation, China has been through diplomatic channels demanded the Philippine side to immediately stop their illegal behavior. Following interviews with the Philippine Embassy charge d’affaires twice last month.