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cried and said: “22 years ago, due to family poverty, the daughter born 50 days to give as gifts; not thought that he was actually the daughter of his wife remarried mother. “According to the old man said,air max pas cher pour homme, March 1,tn requin pas cher, his wife Zhang Qiuxiang see their boredom, repeatedly asking why. He then uttered a long time buried in the heart of one of the past. Autumn of 1989, due to family poverty, Shou-yen was born 50 days gave little daughter for adoption. Since then, Liu Shou-yan has remorse for his actions. After his wife died Yan Shou, was introduced, Zhang Qiuxiang made his second wife.In the understanding of her husband’s “heart disease”,hollister, the Zhang Qiuxiang decided to help find the whereabouts of her daughter’s husband. Liu Shou-yan,nike tn officiel, said her daughter to give,piumini peuterey, born just 50 days,air max femme, relatively thin, there is a blue mark on the lower back down, called . I did not expect Carter, his wife Zhang Qiuxiang exclaimed:?.

Death struggle urgently “Beyond Tragedy”9,hollister pas cher, the Beijing News: The essence of this event, in fact, the relationship between public opinion and how to deal with the death penalty,air jordan pas cher, how do you see?Liu Renwen: This problem is particularly complex,tn pas chere, public opinion is a double-edged sword. Sometimes we see that public opinion on the death penalty is fueled. Liu Yong Xin drug house case to case, and then Li Changkui case, the parties because the people died. Zhengzhou Zhang Jinzhu case there is typical in this regard, he said he was sentenced to death by the media.But it should be noted that public opinion also saved some people, such as fund-raising fraud Wu Ying, the second trial was originally sentenced to death,air max pas cher, later reacted strongly to public opinion.

granted to the leadership or superior, to the court and the judge’s caseload caused great pressure. For career or future, the judge could not listen to the views of superiors or leadership.To solve this problem, the most fundamental thing is never to superior leadership and department instructions cases.10, Beijing News: If the balance between the public and the death penalty from the law a little bit easier,air jordan, then clear the “death” fundamentally cultural gene, may not be so simple, but it is an important basis for public opinion. , how to do?Liu Renwen: So I’ve been calling for “Beyond the tragedy.” One example I was impressed, and in 2000, when murder occurred in Nanjing.

four in Northern unemployed youth killed a German Pu,nike air max pas cher, a family of four. I heard that four children will likely be sentenced to death under Chinese law, mother Pu, after consultation with relatives, wrote to Chinese judges, say four young people sentenced to death wish,nike tn pas cher magasin, “Germany is no death penalty, we feel,tom ford, They can not change the reality of death. “November of that year, a couple of fellow party by Pu and friends launched some German living in Nanjing to set up a square named after the S & P fund for children in poor areas to change the situation in Northern afford to go to school. This is so because the details of the trial to give them a touch deep: the four defendants from the Northern Jiangsu Province are not well educated, have no formal job, “if they have a good educational background will have their own future and the opportunity. “Abolitionist current realities and trends in the world, is not able to do some proper introduction and guide? The vast majority of people living in the habit, we thought would be around people affected, if a lot of people around are also briefly considered “Sharenchangming”,chaussure air jordan pas cher, that a substantial reduction of the death penalty until the final goal of abolishing the death penalty would never be realized.Of course, we are not advocating unprincipled tolerance,hollister milano, crime must be punished. In many western countries, life imprisonment is considered heavy, but in our view reprieve cheaper him.If you like to commemorate the Cape side that, just as there are Fudan students said they wanted to contribute to the victim’s named after a foundation, I think this way will be able to slowly change “Sharenchangming” cultural gene.Gao Yong Xin interviewer NewsletterIntern Meng Yaxu(Original title: Liu Renwen: Fudan “pleading letter” calls “Beyond � correspondent reporter Chen Wei Wang PremiershipPuyang News newspaper! “Is really a coincidence.” A few days ago, 71-year-old village Taiqian Liu Yan Shou call the newspaper.

the Supreme Court ultimately did not approve of the death penalty.In any country,christian louboutin pas cher, public opinion can be without some impact on judicial decisions, but there is indeed a question of degree, in our country, the relevant specifications are not mature enough, the greater the impact of public opinion on the death penalty.What is it the best way? Is the opinion expressed by some of the normal channels, the judges will be considered, as the sentence is not sentenced to death,abercrombie hollister, a judge independent thinking. But now we can not reach, like Wu Ying survived because, after all, public opinion is in the minority.Now a judge may not fear public opinion itself, but public attention by being superiors later, leading the way to take public opinion and other instructions.


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