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After a fear year battle with addiction Eminem released the ill fated “Relapse” which in most fairness suffered in record sales, the album left many listeners unsatisfied and in many cases left the top man himself displeased. With the relieve “Recovery” the American rapper looks to place everything right. The 37 yr old rapper feels like he owes his fans and has even asserted his last two albums didn’t count and that he was either on drugs or hoping to get off then when releasing the albums.

At the height from the media’s accusation of Eminem as a homophobic, Eminem surprised the whole planet when Elton John sang negligence Dido as part of his Eminem’s song Stan. Eminem admitted that they was making a statement. He never hated gays. Since then, Elton John and Eminem maintained a close relationship with all the former being the latter’s sponsor in the drug rehabilitation program. This is one of those moments when you know music, really, is a lot more than merely the lyrics along with the melody.

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Although he retains a thriving solo career, the rap star will continue to collaborate to artists for the occasional Eminem mixtape. Streetfighter featured collaborations with a lot of huge reggae stars including Lil Wayne and Mos Def. They have included remixes of some of his hit songs and also new tracks that fans cannot hear anywhere else.

With the success of his debut album Eminem then released his second major studio album entitled The Marshall Mathers LP in March 2000. This album sold an unbelievable 1.76 million copies rolling around in its primary week of release which is phenomenal by anyone’s standards but particularly to get a rap artist releasing his second studio album. This stunning Eminem rap album spawned the cool Eminem songs The Real Slim Shady and The Way I am and the classic rap song Stan featuring pop singer Dido which again were together with three incredible helping Eminem’s The Marshall Mathers LP sell an incredible 20 million copies worldwide.