all jordans shoes Ford unveils new sporty F150 Tremor pickup

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Ford unveils new sporty F-150 Tremor pickup
In the bid to keep it’s F-Series pickup trucks fresh prior to the next generation comes next season, Ford today introduced a new sporty F-150 called the Tremor.
The 2014 F-150 Tremor will go available for sale this fall being a two-wheel-drive urban counterpart for the popular high-end off-road Raptor.
Pricing is not announced, but it will have a premium over a short wheelbase F-150 regular cab with no sporty upgrades.
Doug Scott, head of truck advertising, said the idea just for this performance truck dates back years. Executives chose to proceed with the Raptor 1st for the 2010 product year, and the vehicle has exceeded revenue expectations.
,This was forever in the back of our minds, Scott said.
Now Ford can be rounding out the lineup with the help of the Tremor for those who accomplish most of their driving on paved city roads and would appreciate bucket seats within a fast truck.
This trim level , one of 10 F-Series variants Frd will offer for the 2014 product year ,all jordans shoes, has a Three.5-liter V6 EcoBoost engine delivering 365 horsepower and 420 pound-feet of torque. But it will also get 22 mpg on the highway, said Raj Nair,retro jordans 4, head of website.
The suspension has become tuned for overall performance and the ratio from the rear axle will provide a faster launch when the car owner stomps on the accelerator.
It will be built in Dearborn and Overland park.
This is a niche automobile. About 5% of the Seven hundred,000 F-Series Ford sells annually have a regular cab and this sport version will be a amount of that, Scott said.
Even though this is a performance vehicle, it is not designed to replace the Lightning that was part of the SVT lineup, Scott said.
Kia also discontinued the actual Harley-Davidson F-150 at the end of the This year model year,retro jordan 4.
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