ALMOST doesn’t count in the NFL

The fans are left after this game with a mantra that Dallas fans have gotten used to over the last couple of years — ALMOST.
As in, we ALMOST beat the Giants last season at home,wholesale Chicago Bears jerseys, even after Romo threw 4 INTs to only 1 for Eli, came back from a 23-0 deficit to lead 24-23, and then, after falling behind, ALMOST won when Dez ALMOST came down in bounds on a tremendous end zone catch at the very end of the game.
As in, we ALMOST beat the last year at their place, which no NFC team had done in forever,Review Ordered After Veteran Shoots Himself At Local VA, when we lined up for a 51-yard FG try that would have won the game. The kick was ALMOST good enough to get through the uprights and win the game.
As in, we ALMOST beat Washington in Landover, Md in the last game of the season last year when we had the ball, with time on the clock,washington redskins jerseys, and were down a field goal. But,, Romo threw an untimely interception, and we lost the game.
As in, we ALMOST ….
Let the Giants crow ALMOST all they want. It’s irrelevant in the NFL. You have 16 regular season games, and you usually need to win 10 of them to assure a spot in the playoffs. The only thing that matters is WINS. They don’t put you in the postseason with ALMOST games.
Tonight, the Giants were left claiming “ALMOST.” Dallas came out of the game as WINNERS. That’s all that really counts in the NFL.