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2013,requin tn pas cher, in the central commission for the provinces (autonomous regions and municipalities) comprehensive management (peace building) evaluation work, Chongqing outstanding achievements, the highest in the country. Central Committee for Comprehensive Management of Social Security on the city safe work fully affirmed.

2013, Chongqing comprehensive management organizations at all levels in the municipal government under the leadership fully implement the central government on the construction of China Ping An, China’s decision to deploy the rule of law, and constantly improve the prevention and control of three-dimensional social security system and public safety system,, strengthening grassroots foundation work, promote social management system innovation, and seriously affect the social harmony and stability of major cases did not occur throughout the year, their sense of safety to reach 92.51%, for 10 consecutive years to maintain more than 90%,hogan prezzi, achieved sustained overall social stability, deepening the peace of China Construction contributed.

The police will be counted on the trio arrested all; data from January to June this year,scarpe hogan outlet, the city’s public security case fell refrain

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Chongqing Morning News (reporter Tan away) after three car thieves succeeded, sometimes not start the car, the cell downstairs anxious. Police patrol just after, in order to cover up, three thieves actually pretended to ask the police.

Police already know very well, will be counted on, waiting for other colleagues came and arrested three people in one fell swoop.

Just in case the police succeeded motorcycle theft

is residency Banan police circles flower village. One day in April this year, more than 21 o’clock, he and the players are the community patrol patrol came when replacement housing B Guihua Village area and saw three young guys are surrounded by a motorcycle,, one of them holding the two cut The line collision, trying to start a motorcycle.

Huoqi Hui was skeptical, and patrol the players exchanged a look, so they came to test. “How do without a key?” Asked a patrol approached, the trio saw a patrol and police, nervous, speak prevarication. Three-person,jordan 6 pas cher,, motorcycle keys lost. Patrol was no explanation, just crouch down, expressed their willingness to help them fight burning motorcycle.

Patrol said there acquaintances know how the ignition is actually called to other colleagues for help. A few minutes later, other police and patrol arrived, the trio was arrested. After investigation, the motorcycle is just next door to the village to steal them.

“Since the formation of the patrol up in January this year, so far, our village theft has declined over last year by nearly 70 percent.” A village cadre told reporters.

Science and technology for peaceful means overweight

District luohuang jiangjin rural town, many families have installed a home burglar alarm, so that local people have tasted the sweetness of this year, the town luohuang new home burglar alarm user 56, without the user’s home burglaries occur together.

Currently, the city is vigorously promoting the construction of video surveillance systems, and as a city to strengthen crime prevention and control of three-dimensional construction of a very important initiative. Currently, the installation of video surveillance system has been rolled out across the city, through the video surveillance of public places,louboutin femme, roads, an important part of full coverage, to achieve peace around the clock guard people.

Case law and order in the city dropped refrain

According to reports,piumino moncler, the Municipal Public Security Bureau,,woolrich online, based in Chongqing city, the actual large rural,nike pas cher homme, mountainous areas, large reservoir area, the social aspects of police operational mechanism innovation as a sound and comprehensive social security system, an important part of prevention and control, and gradually establish a “police net cloth Georgia,, integration patrol office,,peuterey uomo, directing flat,moncler italia, Alarming standardization,nike tn femme,, regional cooperation “of the social aspects of the police operation mechanism, so that a sound and comprehensive crime prevention and control system has been achieved remarkable results.

Data show that from January to June this year, criminal cases dropped 11.5 percent year on year, serious harm to people’s lives and property of the eight categories of cases of violence in two consecutive years on the basis of a substantial decline,, but down 21.8% decline in the security alarm class last year basis, but declined 27.9%, a return visit to the masses of police intelligence 98.53% satisfaction rate.