Analysis On Two Aspects Of Running Of Concentrator Table

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Concentrator table with the content includes two parts: one part is the ore to the mine water; the other part is directly to the surface of the bed of the rinse water. Transverse flow needs to be adjusted appropriately, one should make the bed to loose, and guarantee the top light minerals can be carried away by the current, so we must make the bed surface layer to cover the bed. But, on the other hand, it must ensure that density of the mineral particles in the bed surface subsidence, so horizontal water velocity and the water is not too big. Effect concentrator table work has many factors, which include: the table structure, operation and the ore properties.

(1) To the ore properties cradle to mine mineral particle density, particle size and initial separation index influence. When the heavy minerals and light mineral density difference is larger than 1.5, can be smooth sorting concentrator table. portable rock crusher , Similar to the spherical shape of the mobile crusher china particles and the coarse easy to be washed away, so the ball and size differences in favorable conditions, sorting small density difference of mining jaw crusher particles. Concentrator table and other selected to mine the general to the material to drop than the classification, i.e. hydraulic classification .

(2) Transverse slope and water use by two major effects of mineral particles in the transverse velocity and bed looseness. Increase the gradient can make the flow speed is increased, the general processing fine materials; the slope is smaller , mobile impact crushing plant , processing of coarse material, suitable for large slope. In 0, 10 grades can be adjusted in the range of. For different materials can be used as reference for the following numerical gradient: less than 2 mm of coarse particle grade 3.5 – 4; less than 0.5 mm material with 2.5 – 3.5; less than 0.1 mm fine materials with 2 – 2.5; for the slime (0.074 mm) by about 2.It should be noted that the slope of the selection and combination of water well.

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