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N correspondent Chen Wenliang Zheng Jianzhi

Newspaper reporter Dong reinforcement

WASHINGTON Recently,scarpe hogan offerte,, the 60-year-old town of Dehua Red Lin peasant red mushroom picking up the mountain alone, in the mountain forests wasp “siege”,giubbotti woolrich,, unfortunately died.

It is reported that 25 evening 11 o’clock,, the area police station received the Red Dehua Xu Ji Lingcun villagers alarm, said his mother,piumini moncler, Lin Yu day at the mountain of red mushroom picking, not come home until late at night, his family searched near every corner, failed to find traces of Lin.

Alarm, the police immediately braved the downpour,peuterey outlet, rushed to the village cadres to start searching Ji Lingcun organization. Red mushroom grows mostly due to the difficult terrain of the mountain forests, after local police to Lin may appear one by one in order, arrange the major search destination,, search teams in accordance with pre-arranged plan for each mountain blanket search.

Rescue workers search for side facing the mountain side shouting the name of Lin,, relying on a weak flashlight, hobbled thorny thorough search in the mountains.

More than three hours later, rescue workers at a cliff Lin found unconscious and quickly carried her back to the village,hogan sito ufficiale, then rushed to the 120 emergency doctors had to treat Lin, but the end result of Lin his injuries did not come to the rescue,moncler outlet,, was killed.

When physical examination of Lin found that she had been covered in wasp sting at the scene,gioielli tiffany, apparently after being poisoned sting of a wasp.

Police remind Now is the red mushroom picking season is wasp breeding season,moncler donna outlet, the villagers are not familiar with the place,peuterey outlet,, do not blindly up the mountain,abercrombie femme, the mountain after mountain to memorize, it is best traveled with a companion,piumini outlet, and bring mobile phones and other communication tools ,,air jordan pas cher, where there are poisonous beast attacks accident timely help prevent tragedies from happening again.