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Asian Heart Network (Reporter Yang Haiyan) August 23, the grand plaza near Urumqi Xinmin Street, a young woman pushing hands, feet stomp fellow middle-aged woman, when passers-by approached discouraged actually learned, the two a mother-daughter relationship. “The girls also Xiong Baba said, ‘who persuaded,<a href=" prezzi, and she dropped the mother went away.” Witnessed the security guard said.

Later, the reporter visited the site of the incident,,spaccio woolrich, several reporters witnessed restore security to the matter.

At 20:20 on August 23 about three women Xinmin Street after a bath when the gates walk altercation, in which an elderly woman tall taxi to leave.

“The remaining two looks a seventeen-year-old, about a 40-year-old,woolrich outlet, clamoring clamoring,,tiffany gioielli outlet, the young girl began pushing middle-aged woman,air max pas cher homme, and the middle-aged woman pushed to the ground, they stamp their feet they are standing.” Security recalled that when they came to discourage passers,, and asked the middle-aged woman who kicked her,, “she said to her daughter,tn femme, because I think whether she had an argument.”

Another security guard told reporters that he thought he heard two men arguing because the daughter to the mother demanded money from the dispute to the hands,jordan pas cher, the whole process takes about 10 minutes,spaccio woolrich, “When I went to Lycra, the daughter said let me be careful.”

Subsequently,hogan italia, the passers-by the police,,louboutin homme,, and dialed 120.

“After the police and emergency personnel arrived, the mother said that to prevent the tube.” Said a security guard,moncler donna, and finally,peuterey spaccio, the sound of the crowd accused the girl to leave in advance, middle-aged woman alone after handling injuries also left the scene.

Xinxing Street police station at the police confirmed the matter.

After the incident, some passers-by took photos and posted to the Asian Heart Health forum users, causing hot Internet users.

Netizens “CCXR” believes, had raised no godfather, mother’s mother was beaten education problems, are usually too conniving daughter of reasons; and netizens “S” is considered,, even if the parents have a big no, do daughter should not get involved, because life is given by the parents.