What Are The Announcements For Using The Wheel Type Sand Washing

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Wheel type sand washing machine is widely used in industries such as the mining, construction material, cement, fireproof material, etc. It has the advantages of reasonable structure, simple maintenance, big handling capacity, small power consumption, etc. When using the wheel type sand washing machine, because of operators’ improper operation, the device failure rate increases. Therefore, we will introduce some announcements for using the wheel type sand washing machine to you.
Firstly, lubrication.
Add some lubricating oil termly to the lubricating parts is extremely important. it can avoid the abrasion between each parts and prolong the service life. When adding the lubricating oil, we should add the oil amount according to the device specification. Both too much and too little oil will damage the device.
Secondly, starting announcement.
1. Before starting the device, we should start the rotor inside the wheel type sand gold mining equipment for sale south africa washing machine, then check whether there are abnormal phenomenon of the parts.
2. The wheel type sand washing machine should rotate in a fixed direction. Do not make the device rotate in anticlockwise direction.
manganese ore crushing screening Thirdly, feeding.
The material feeding should be as even as possible. Big material should be screened by the screening device. mini cement plant for sale Do not add the materials that is bigger than the specified feeding size.