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The production of artificial sand , the main use of the stone, so how to make use of the stone is very important. The artificial sand making machine In India in the stone, not the general stone production enterprise called "stone". Standard definition of stones is: before processing by soil removal processing, processing after the formation of particle size less than 75 micron, its mineral composition and chemical composition of parent rocks and processed the same substance. Although the same is less than 75 micron particles, but the mud stone and natural sand in different, different size distribution, the functions in concrete are also different.

Natural artificial sand making machine mud is harmful to the concrete, must strictly control the content. The amount of artificial sand and gravel is beneficial to the concrete, some stones exist, made up of concrete work ability is poor. At the same time, it is incorporated into the perfect grade super fine aggregate concrete, improve the density of concrete is good, then to improve the comprehensive performance of concrete action.

Before the implementation of the new GB, content of many artificial sand production enterprises commonly used washing methods to control the stone in artificial sand, the results not only a waste of resources, and the formation of new pollution. After the implementation of new national standards, requirements and test methods of artificial sand, stones have therefore, in the production process of artificial sand should be put in soil treatment were placed in the processing of raw materials, processing and to retain and use of artificial sand stone, in addition to classification by stones, also can use a certain device the stones are collected in the other, improve the added value of products.

At present, the sand quality control by using unit test approach, building the responsibility for the quality of sand almost all fall on the body of the user, the occurrence of such a situation, led to some engineering accidents, its reason mainly is decided by the artificial sand production and the quality of producers. Therefore, to improve the quality of artificial sand producer, to improve the quality of artificial sand production enterprises is very necessary. The construction and effective guarantee for improved sand quality, engineering quality also has been further guaranteed.

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