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But among the lower classes the art of View Recognition is undoubtedly an difficult luxury. A common Tradesman cannot afford to let his son spend one third of his life in summary studies. The kids of the poor are therefore allowed to 鈥渇eel鈥?from their earliest years, and they gain thereby a precocity and a young vivacity which contrast at first most favourably with the inert, undeveloped, and listless behaviour of the half-instructed youths of the Polygonal class; but when the latter have now completed their University course, and are going to put their theory into practice, the change that comes over them may almost manifest as a new birth, and in every art, science, and social pursuit they rapidly eclipse and distance their Triangular competitors.
Only a few of the Polygonal Class fail to pass the final Test or Leaving Examination at the University. The healthiness of the not successful fraction is really pitiable. Rejected from the higher class, they are also despised by the lower. They have neither the full grown and systematically trained powers of the Polygonal Bachelor’s and Pga masters of Martial arts disciplines, nor yet the local precocity and mercurial versatility of the youthful Tradesman. The professions, the public services, are closed against them; and though in most States they are not actually debarred from marriage, yet they have the greatest difficulty in forming suitable alliances, as experience shews that the kids of such.
with us in regards to 鈥淪eeing鈥?and 鈥淔eeling鈥? None who in early life resort to 鈥淔eeling鈥?will ever learn 鈥淪eeing鈥?in efficiency.
For this reason, among our Higher Classes, 鈥淔eeling鈥?is disheartened or absolutely a no-no. From the cradle their children, instead of going to the public Elementary schools (where the art of Feeling is taught), are delivered to higher Seminaries of an exclusive character; and at our illustrious University, to 鈥渇eel鈥?is undoubtedly a most serious fault, involving Rustication for the first offence, and Expulsion for the second.

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