Home page TOP Because identification results show its DNA in blood samples appear in the victim nakedness, Lu’an City Shucheng rural high school teacher suspected of rape Hou St. pupils Jingfangxingju. However requalification Provincial Public Security Bureau of Forensic subsequently revealed that the victim did not appear in the lower body blood Hou holy high […]


Home page TOP “We will kill the witness after stealing money”, “do not give money I’ll kill your grandson,” these sounds chilling words, but by two sixteen-year-old juvenile population, more puzzling is that only 600 dollars, the two parents can escape the eyes of the boy murdered. June 25, Internet shopping is killing small game […]


Home page TOP WASHINGTON (correspondent reporter Zhang Bo Guo Hao Jing Ji) after the theft of a telecom business for the next modus smoothly, with 14 handsets sold resulting stolen money to purchase a new hydraulic clamp and drill. At 7:48 on April 21, a telecom business manager Wang Xian east came to Metro Police […]