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Home page TOP is one of “government and consultation system”, whenever major issues, the two parties must first sit down and negotiate, agree and then to the “Legislative Yuan”,tiffany orecchini, the play does not fight the fight photo error, and finally through prior consultations good results.Last year, Ma Ying-jeou launch a surprise attack, expelled “Legislative […]

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Home page TOP driver’s license and therefore can not directly bid Mainland China international driver’s license.In addition, Hong Kong is a driver’s license requirements must be used in combination with the Hong Kong identity,air max pas cher enfant, demanding in many countries and regions, there is a single license can not get a driver’s license […]

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Home page TOP ,hollister pas cher research and demonstration in full, based on speeding up the pace to modify and improve relevant laws, to reform the legal system to provide effective protection.” From the outset of the judicial system to identify and comply with this principle, In the Chinese Criminal Procedure Law Research Association Jianlin […]