b22: Unraveling The Secrets Of The iPhone: Tips And Tricks For Fans Of The Apple Device.. by Clara A. Warnock

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May 30, 2013 – For those who have an iPhone you already know it can do many more things compared to average mobile phone, however; you can probably find a lot of things you still are unaware of relating to your phone. To find the most from utilizing your iPhone, continue reading this article.

If you notice a frozen screen in your iPhone, a fast remedy may be to depress the home button for at least five seconds. That should reset your phone. Otherwise, hold both the Power and Home button together for approximately 12 to fifteen seconds. Only try the 2nd method if the first one isn’t working.

Jazz up your iPhone with new sound files. You can now make use of own tones for nearly anything on your device, including emails and tweets. Apple enables you to purchase sound bytes that can be used for all of your iPhone’s alerts.

Getting in one destination to amazing . easy with all the iPhone or Samsung Verizon Flip Phone. Whenever you’re trying to obtain directions somewhere or find stores located as you go along, the map part of the phone can be utilized as a GPS. You can bookmark the map feature for easy access on your phone.

The iPhone works practically as a navigation tool. The GPS feature is a good way to support you in finding places you are searching for such as restaurants, movie theaters and gas stations. Bookmark the map facility so that you can use it whenever needed.

Always employ a screen protector together with your iPhone. With no protector, you will have scratches and nicks. Perhaps the smallest little bit of dirt on your own finger could cause a scratch. Therefore, a screen protector is an essential accessory.

Did your iPhone freeze on you at a bad time? If nothing occurs when you press Sleep or Home, contain the button marked Home for about 6 seconds. This may force any locked apps to close. If you’re still to not get a response, then press down on your Sleep and residential buttons at the same time, and hold them for approximately ten sconds. The Apple logo comes to the main screen when this happens as it turns your iPhone back on.

Saving time by omitting the ‘WWW’ and ‘.com’ from your URL while using your iPhone to browse online. Just input the key address part, without “.com,” and you will be taken to the website. This will end up saving you a a lot of extra time.

There’s a very easy way to get your iPhone to adopt a picture the minute you want it to. To get this done, all you have to do is make use of headphones’ volume controls. Start off by focusing your camera on the subject you want to capture. As you prepare to take the picture, simply press one of these simple buttons on your own cord.

When you’re finished typing a sentence in your iPhone, double go through the space bar. This step adds an occasion and space at the conclusion of the sentence. This prevents you from the need to use the “123” key to bring up the punctuation screen, saving time.

If the iPhone gets wet, it is possible to dry it with rice. There’s been many a person who accidentally dropped their phone into water – whether it be a puddle or toilet. As opposed to using a hair dryer, wipe your phone with a soft paper towel after which put it into a ziploc bag filled up with rice. It ought to be dried out after several hours or overnight.

You can check multiple email accounts on your iPhone by giving renaming each account something different. If multiple email accounts share a similar name, you will get confused. Assigning an original name allows you to quickly know the account you would like to check instantly.

Were you aware that you can view weather for the next 6 days in your iPhone? You have access to weather information just by tapping the weather bar from the notifications screen.

Load your iPhone track of exciting, distinctive sounds! Apple found a way to customize tones for texts, emails, voicemails, tweets, calendar alerts, reminders plus more. You can get new sounds by visiting the sound menu and making a purchase of new sounds without notice.

As you can tell from the above article, using your iPhone is fairly simplistic and extremely fun. A broad understanding of some of the things they could do is very useful. Utilize this information and you may show off your iPhone tricks to your friends. jointly authored by Tish A. Micheal