barbour femme because the well hole space is small

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about two kilometers away.Cause of the accident”When I left the workers did not put the covers Gaiyan”According tells onlookers at the scene, because Husong road widening,barbour femme, land line networks are relevant units for supporting the transformation of all change to go underground pipe network. The day before yesterday at noon, the construction team in the field of construction found something, this place is open manhole cover, call it a day,piumini peuterey, he was not Gaiyan covers.Pine branch secretary Shen Yang said the company’s water environment, the manhole cover on the site should be made responsible for their management, but the tragedy was caused as a result of construction unit, is currently under investigation.Last night, the responsible person for this construction units where the company to the Morning News reporter confirmed the day before 13:00 o’clock.

the police came to the scene very quickly,doudoune pjs, the fire brigade who also drove fire came from the police to catch them up, also before and after ten minutes.” While they are still immersed in a huge loss of son grief,parajumpers femme, but this couple from Hunan or relevant departments to come rescue of gratitude.Yesterday afternoon, Jiuting fire squadron leader Chen told reporters, 7:11 last night, after they received a rescue command,barbour paris, rushed to the scene after 10 minutes. In addition to draining out a fire and rescue,parajumpers femme, there are three emergency rescue teams have arrived.According to Chen captain introduction,Giuseppe Zanotti Paris, which I manhole 10 meters deep.

Yesterday, my aunt says, this child prematurity, birth weight less than 5 pounds. In recent months, a child suffering from otitis media, especially ear pain, touch can not touch. Reporters from the child’s medical history to see the child twice to Wanyuan Road pediatric hospital.The father said,parajumpers homme, they usually send their children to a nearby nursery school: “The children behaved,scarpe hogan, very obedient usually have to play at the hotel door,louboutin shoes, do not go long the kindergarten teacher said the child is very obedient..”Rescue processThere are more than 10 meters deep manhole,giubbotti woolrich, inlet piping below many”We’re after the alarm.

with at least three storeys high: “When we arrived on the scene, the child’s father is still manhole, he wanted to come up with the children, but the rush of water underneath,hogan, He did not find the child, because the well hole space is small,parajumpers france, no place to go rescue many people,barbour france, we will advise the child’s father came,louboutin, he sent us familiar with the water in the sewage players sneaked continue searching. “According to introduction into the water searching for fire fighters,woolrich milano, this is the main road across the pipeline Jiuting region inlet lot. And pipeline with multiple turns, vital signs instrument has not been able to capture the signal. Taking into account the water is too deep, the fire brigade emergency hand lift pumps sewage discharge, but a small pump caliber hand-carried, and there is no way to block the other inlet,tn, drain effect is not obvious.Subsequently,abercrombie & fitch, under the pine Songjiang Shanghai Water Authority water environment also came with the rescue. The company brought in a professional facility, each 50 meters north and south ends of the Shanghai Song Highway was blocked, and then let the water flow into the incident area, then they then pump the water power.Last night 23:50 Xu, the water quickly drained when the children were found shortly thereafter site emergency doctors declared the child dead. Song Shen Zhang’s water environment, told reporters that the children were found in locations away from the incident.


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