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with small shops clustered known for booming commercial buildings, East Mall, Yinchuan mall and other large shopping malls, because of low prices,barbour femme, high traffic,christian louboutin, there are various brands of clothing, jewelry, metal products here circulation daily, and a lot of poor quality “US-pupil” also once spread the meantime.According to the Food and Drug Administration Yinchuan, deputy director Chen star introduced some time,barbour femme, Yinchuan market, no manufacturer, no production label, making rough, poor health,louboutin femme, “US-pupil” everywhere,hollister site officiel, and management, “the United States pupil,louboutin,” the place Nearly one hundred, but only 27 have a business qualification. Since May of this year,hollister uk, Yinchuan City to carry out “US-pupil” market concentration checks, but still exclude individual businesses secretly selling inferior “US-pupil.”In recent years, a number of cities reported a “US-pupil” market varies greatly.

the United States conducted a pupil color processing, the role is just beautiful. Heart of beauty in everyone, but can not because of beauty affect the health, remember the most important health and safety.” Yinchuan Chinese Medicine Hospital of Ophthalmology, MD Ou Jiang said.Experts said the situation from hospital admissions due to failure to wear “US-pupil” patient triggered eye focused on the beauty of the young lady and student groups. Especially students, security awareness in this area is relatively weak, therefore, timely and effective publicity, changing consumer attitudes is unscientific to avoid bad “US-pupil” harm consumers’ health first pass.”Never in order to attract the attention of others,abercrombie outlet, to catch his eye.” Chen star said recently,pjs, Yinchuan City is collecting the proper use of the slogan of the United States pupil. Many people suggested slogan put it, “ruthless” some, the effect is often more pronounced,magasin hollister, thereby helping consumers to change freeloaders luck, let inferior “US-pupil” nowhere to hide “source” of the policy.”In the specific means of propaganda, can be more diversified.” Yinchuan City public high Juan said,moncler, for example,woolrich outlet, can send a message to the public through the SMS platform to inform inferior “US-pupil” method of identifying and reporting telephone. Meanwhile, microblogging, letter, School Paper and other modern means can also be an effective propaganda vehicle. In addition, outreach activities to schools and communities.

to explain the relevant knowledge, but also a very effective propaganda methods.In “US-pupil” market regulation,giubbotto woolrich, Chen star said that since “the United States pupil” was included in Class III medical device regulatory scope, how to consolidate the effect of concentration and control, will oversee the normalization becomes a top priority. Because the temptation of high profits, businesses are still in the wind and the sale of poor quality, “US-pupil” unannounced visits undercover work need to be further strengthened.Some people suggested that regulators can build with the masses supervision “consortium”, by hiring some people as “unannounced visits to the Commissioner.

and sometimes even around 20 yuan can buy, there is a demand naturally have a market.Compared to the store, “the United States pupil” on the network it is enough to fight a price war. In some of the e-commerce site, enter “US-pupil”, a large number of low-priced products dazzling, a monthly sales of more than 8000 of the United States pupil product, the lowest price alone is less than 3 yuan.Inferior “US-pupil” through the streets, inadequate regulatory chain is also an important reason. According to state regulations, “US-pupil” was February 27,barbour soldes, 2012 are included in Class III medical device regulatory scope, since April 1, 2012, without obtaining the “Medical Device Distribution Enterprise License” shall not operate such products.Insiders said that since the “US-pupil” was included in Class III medical devices related to investigate the scope of regulation and rules promulgated since the industry to improve market access threshold, investigate work-related departments have achieved a “legal basis.” However,hollister jackets, unlicensed dealers selling “US-pupil” are more subtle, generally do not provide notes, are often insufficient evidence to pursue the case. Meanwhile, due to poor awareness of consumer rights, easy to choose silence when their rights have been infringed, to break bad “US-pupil” hiding market problems,hogan scarpe, unannounced visits and reporting alone is clearly not the desired results.Consumer attitudes must change to strengthen publicity and supervision is the key”Compared with ordinary contact lenses.

and in the network name of “import”, “quality” under the banner of “US-pupil” products more is cheap, variety captured numerous beauty who, And many consumers did not see one of the mystery.Yinchuan City public high shiny ago when friends go out to play, often wearing “the United States pupil.” “Number of times more, eye discomfort,air jordan femme, through careful observation found many products simply unacceptable. Product packaging is extremely simple, just indicate the production date and shelf life, does not produce the address and product lot number on the box and some even a character are not. “High shiny said.”Qualified US-pupil using a ‘sandwich process’, the pigment layer is isolated in the center of the lens to avoid direct eye contact pigment.” High shiny said, but a significant number of low-quality “US-pupil” Only two, the pigment layer in direct contact with the cornea serious harm to health, but many consumers do not know that.Inferior “US-pupil” popular low price is the main cause of the lack of regulation”We shop before selling ‘beauty pupil’, because they are inexpensive, attracted a lot of the little girl.” Runs a beauty shop in Yinchuan jewelry store owner, said Du, in the professional optical shop,barbour pas cher, a “US-pupil” may want a hundred dollars Even a few hundred dollars, which makes a lot of people unbearable, but in ordinary glasses counter, jewelry store, a pair of substantially in the United States pupil ranging from 40 to 100 yuan.