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she and the deceased What is the relationship? � Case from logistics Unclaimed damaged cartonsJanuary 7,barbour femme, 2007 afternoon in the city of Shenyang kuh a logistics company boss Zhang encountered a dilemma, so that he was upset that day received a courier. 7 o’clock in the morning, a hair over the vehicle from Guangzhou to remove a number of goods,red bottom shoes, after the workers began to work into the sorting of goods, call the appropriate courier company to receipt, or in accordance with the contact information on the logistics alone,tom ford, find the owner from mentioning. Could have been a very unusual day,nike tn officiel, because of a cardboard box becomes unusual in the shipment from Guangzhou, there is a length and width of about 50 cm, height 80 cm or so ordinary cardboard boxes, cartons above nothing special printing fonts and patterns, stated in the invoice consignee named “sending too far”, while the single-write the goods are “drugs”.

in addition to the path of socialism no other choice.Xuan Qin (Marxism,magasin hollister, Renmin University of China, Dean): the socialist system with Chinese characteristics is the fundamental guarantee of socialism with Chinese characteristics, and is proven to meet the Chinese practice of actual system design, development and progress of contemporary China’s fundamental institutional guarantee and continuously push forward the great cause of socialism with Chinese characteristics, we must always adhere to and continue to improve the system.(Liao Honghui)(Original title: inventory report eighteen high-frequency words Communist governing philosophy morA playing card, a box of cigarettes,pandora bijoux, a few newspapers,chaussure tn pas cher, a few pieces of clothing a few days … unclaimed,pandora, a logistics company located in the city of Shenyang kuh employees opened a somewhat damaged and leaking red liquid in apprehension labeled “drugs” cartons,pandora pas cher, in Guangzhou, Qingdao sent to the carton, there torso part of a man’s body. Who is dead? Who consignee named “send too far” is? City Public Security Bureau of Interpol detachment will task force composed of city police Yang rushed to Guangzhou, successfully locked the worse two hours of video will be automatically covered by the key,air max pas cher enfant, since it involves the reduction of Guangzhou,christian louboutin paris, Qingdao, Zhangjiagang, Beijing rare four provinces Logistics postmortem case. In co-ordination with the other three, Guangzhou police,hollister, the police eventually penetrate their mysteries, uncover the truth behind this because of emotional entanglements and stuffed under the tragedy. � parcel sent from Guangzhou found body parts, but can not find the recipient “send too far.” � The forensic identification, the deceased was about 50 years old man,pandora pas cher, who is the murder of a murderer? � There is also a king wrapped poker,air max femme, what is implied,peuterey donna, or not entrained into the? � Guangzhou working woman was involved in the murder.

according to the requirements of the consignor are “self-mention.””Sending too far” this strange name let Zhang and others feel quirky, but more curious is that the consignee but said they did not know about it. Employees in accordance with the content and the consignee on the list “to send too far” to contact women who answered the phone claiming to Inner Mongolia, although the phone number really are their own, but was not in Qingdao,red bottom men shoes, also never knew called “sending too far.” who sent this from Guangzhou carton not hers. Staff and other logistics companies to communicate repeatedly confirmed,basket nike tn pas cher, the other party has denied that the owner, then contact again, followed by the other party has refused calls. Consignee receipts will not recognize the goods, and “since the mention” of goods is always no one to mention, in the case of logistics alone intact, this is rarely the case.However,tn pas cher, in the afternoon, unusual circumstances of this unclaimed boxes appear, so Zhang, who more and more worried. Carton been damaged in transit, but also began oozing dark red liquid, and also with a little odor. Employees who have to worry about the goods deterioration in the box, after some discussion, they finally decided to open the carton to see. 4 o’clock in the afternoon, when the carton is opened, all the cold sweats – wrapped in layers of debris among the torso part of a man’s body.


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