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companies should take the initiative to full reimbursement of fares. A netizen example,barbour france, she helped a company to do campus recruitment publicity, the company reimbursed one-way 100 yuan, hit two-way fee of $ 200.View 3: The Company shall, as appropriate fare reimbursementReason: 16:00 from Chengdu to Wenjiang crowded bus traveling light is not on, let alone material handling. Students do not have income, the Company shall be reimbursed as appropriate fare.Alerted the companyDirector of Human Shenzhen “playing fly” to clarifySince this network saliva war alerted the company headquarters in Shenzhen. Yesterday morning, the company’s headquarters in Shenzhen.

causing tens of thousands of people crowd the thread,chaussures nike tn pas cher, and expand the war of words. Posted by “ginkgo forest strongman,hollister milano,” said the November 25, three college students at a university in Chengdu after a company in Shenzhen where he attended training with the material back Wenjiang, even to ask the company to fight the charges,pandora bijoux, “ginkgo forest strongman “So now attacked students” too impetuous, not hard-working. “However, let ‘ginkgo forest strongman “I did not expect that, for several days,christian louboutin paris, he suffered countless Students Network” hit “, the company” Campus Ambassadors “also announced the” strike. ” In desperation, the company’s human resources director Shenzhen headquarters yesterday morning, “fight to fly,air max pas cher chine,” arrived in Chengdu, and college students will be “face to face” today.Saliva warThere are three views should not payThe next day at noon, put up posters on campus Zhao Meng,nike air max, an employee of the company was found posted on the Internet. “Now,louboutin pas cher, some graduates too impetuous! “Zhao Meng,barbour soldes, who criticized the conduct ask to fight the charges, and will it boils down to.” Now graduates too impetuous. “Zhao Meng,nike tn officiel, who is very angry, so the “strike” is no longer putting up posters for the company. Zhao dream of many alumni Internet posting back then, for her “justice.” The incident quickly escalated discussion and dispute in the network, a large number of onlookers, thread,air max pas cher femme, fights exhilaration.Reporters found that from November 26 issued to the post yesterday, a total of more than 17,air max pas cher pour homme,000 onlookers,air max pas cher, more than 400 users thread reply. User comments were “three pillars” of the situation.View 1: Students should not ask to fight the chargesReason: Chengdu Wenjiang Gong PDI 309,louboutins,319,904 to start intensive,christian louboutin pas cher, expensive only 3.5 yuan, no need to fight. And gives students ask to fight the charges “very man” feeling, no fighting spirit,christian louboutin, not hard.Point 2: The company claims to fight the charges should be unconditionalRationale: Students do “ambassador” for the company in the work.

the 36-year-old writer categorically replied: “Internet writers will eventually lead this era, there is no doubt the Internet writer to assume the historical responsibility,barbour catalogue, the traditional writer. but also keep up with the situation. “(Original title: spend one thousand Fang: one side is the side of the big fCore Tip � do “ambassador” could not move posters,nike tn pas cher, college students ask to fight the charges and denied being attacked net posts � student-initiated network counterattack, Director of Human Shenzhen “playing fly” to Chengdu with students “face to face”Recently, an article entitled “Some graduates now too impetuous! “Posts quickly became popular in the horizon Chengdu version.