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Tan tragedy teacher education,tn soldes, transportation, municipal and other departments harsh reminder that campus traffic safety should by Tan teachers’ fight alone. “There asks: Tan teacher’s death, whether across the street in exchange for a long-term security?Tan Kin died soon after, at Hengli Town of the government, local education departments,moncler outlet, police, transportation, public utilities and other responsible persons center around how to maintain Pui Ying primary and local traffic safety around the school to discuss.Today, including Pui Ying.

life buoy as many people would love handles away. At present, the park has been put in more than 500 lifebuoys, including 300 or so non-normal wear and tear. Parks appeal, such as Lifebuoy lifesaving care facilities should work together,scarpe hogan, so as to avoid irreparable regret missing.Restore siteOld boy fell into the moat around like a life preserver to the riverDays of rain,,hogan olympia uomo, the water level rose Jinan moat many, the river no longer as usual color clear,outlet hogan, garbage floating on the water, tearing branches.

a seven-year-old can not swim accidentally fell into the water, the elderly and ultimately with a guy throwing the shore past life buoy in the water to rescue personnel support come.Drowning elderly rescued and rushed to Jinan Central Hospital, until 9:00 yesterday, the elderly have been out of danger. According to the police,tiffany milano, if there is no life preserver,doudoune femme moncler, the river can be filled within three minutes old lungs after five minutes can cause suffocation death. Lifebuoy little as 20 minutes for the elderly drowning rescue time.Reporters learned that from May 2012, Jinan placed in the moat around the city park dedicated Lifebuoy shore, every 50 meters to 100 meters there is a public encounter drowning cases, you can throw a life buoy rescue. Relevant responsible person said,tiffany orecchini, which provides the final layer of protection for the public safety hydrophilic,outlet hogan, people fight for drowning rescue time.However,abercrombie france,, the result of two years of running the river Lifebuoy frustrating. Director Wang introduced around the city park charge, the river was black hands frequently with life buoy.

including elementary school near the road more than Hengli Town,, close to the highway, have established a new speed humps,, Tim set a striking deceleration identification line. Some schools have blocked traffic signs doorway branches, has also been cleaned up. Hengli Town Traffic Police Association, beginning in the after school hours, access to all the school gate to maintain traffic order.Tan Kin died “the first seven” in the afternoon, when Pui Ying primary school,,abercrombie soldes, more than road traffic police near the school has arranged the Traffic Cone,christian louboutin pas cher, indicating the vehicles suspended. More than 100 students under the leadership of the teacher, and soon crossed the road safely calm.That day, Tan Kin family stood on the other side of the road, quietly watching these scenes, silent. � Nanfang Daily reporter Li Shulong FanEmergency rescue of elderly life lifebuoyIncident, the provincial capital of the moat,abercrombie et fitch, Lifebuoy repeated worrying BlackhandJinan Daily News yesterday morning,orecchini tiffany, in the province of East Xinghua moat bridge.

telling her to buy a $ 300 watches for women. After Tan Kin Although happy to get a birthday gift, but it has also been complaining Wanhong “buy too expensive.”Tan Kin most willing to spend money, is to give his daughter to purchase clothing. She died just bought a small coat online, planning a New Year’s Day when Huitang Hubei, to stay in the home of her birthday. Now, she only missed one year old daughter’s birthday party. � reflection Whether across the street in exchange for long-term security?Dongguan City Board of Education in recent posthumous Tan Kin “Dongguan education system pedagogical model,” the honorary title, and called on the city’s educators to Tan Kin for example,tiffany italia,, striving to noble morality, so that people are satisfied with the teachers. Tan Kin’s memorial service, also chaired by the education sector held Hengli Town.In the past month, Tan Kin’s death has triggered mourning and commemoration in the city of Dongguan. On the Internet.

the red candle to express grief over the microblogging page. Some netizens praise, said Tan Kin Dongguan “the most beautiful teacher.”Dongguan City Qin Jian Yuan Baocheng also given instructions on the matter, he said,, “to strengthen the accident road traffic safety management,hollister milano, lessons learned, control accidents” and suggested the media “appropriate publicity Tan teacher ‘spirit of love’.” Hengli Town,, main leaders also called for strengthening regulation in the accident-prone sections of the town, to ensure travel safety of teachers and students and the masses.Around campus traffic safety topics, Dongguan folk have more discussion. The idea that,christian louboutin soldes, in Dongguan, a lot in front of the private schools and the lack of deceleration amble logo rely temporary teachers to maintain order across the street.

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