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the two children in the hospital were rescued over.Week in and week and a small dream that day Yao because heart block fast enough,zanotti femme, too depressed, performance declined encounter teacher ridiculed,hollister sale, “want to live.”10:00 that night, coma four and a half hours later,tn pas chere, the mild wake up some small;-week multi-dose due to poison, until midnight when there was a reaction,parajumpers homme, but has said delirious nonsense.”The teacher captured! Bedside someone,hollister clothing, she would catch me.” “I’m going to do homework, and (not) wait for the next turn is (teacher) arrived at the door to go.” The mother said her daughter greatly wide open eyes talking nonsense, very scary.Mid-week meal until the next day, only to wake up. Later,hollister pas cher, Hou teacher found the bottle in the bag week in and week left half of dichlorvos. Mother did not dare to ask, the toilet secretly got lost.November 11, hospitalized for 20 days,louboutins, week in and week of treatment because money has not fully recovered, Liu village by their parents to take back home recuperating.”Toxic drugs is large, the children now also enlarge the eye pupil, arrhythmia.” November 12, said.Zhou Zhou Zheng and cousins � atching TV and saw a stranger (the reporter) arrives,giuseppe zanotti pas cher, head down without a word,abercrombie france, but you can see that she was pale and showed symptoms.Just 12 years old and two 11-year-old child, and the teacher what happened exactly unpleasant, to commit suicide to express dissatisfaction with the teacher?A class 98 student sit behind see the blackboardHou is the beginning of the semester to teach fifth grade six classes of sixth grade,barbour paris, when the teacher. Jiang began to teach third grade teacher in this class mathematics. said daughter Ginger felt a degree of anti-teacher “incompatible”. The third day of the incident.

Little Dream clutching his stomach, lying on the ground Tubai Mo Zhou Zhou,giuseppe zanotti sneakers, also appeared in a coma.”I looked at her son to drink, I did not dare (drink).” Yingying said afterwards, small dreams, and week in and week is about 17:00 to drink the medicine. Was already school, classroom they left four people.Week in and week out a bottle of 100 ml of “dichlorvos” from the bag and open the lid. Little Dream cover the drug down in the yard drank, week in and week drank 2-3 cover, then let Yingying drink.Saw two students drink, and soon uncomfortable up,air jordan 4, Yingying dared to drink, but talk to the teacher.Big eyes wide open talking nonsenseFortunately.

Jiang teacher to the hospital to visit her daughter, her daughter has been covered head, hands kept shaking, shouting to let her out.Zhou Jialiang had to politely ask out the ginger teacher,barbour paris, also leaving the sentence: “My child does not like you, then do not come.” Until Zhou Jialiang the teacher stripping fruit into the door,parajumpers pas cher, her daughter returned to normal.”Originally, talking and laughing children, see the teacher as ginger mouse saw the cat.” Said Wang Feng, the daughter of a small dream, too.Small dream that the most recent ginger teacher has been good to them,jordan pas cher, and always finding fault son, also often criticized both by not doing homework,air jordan femme, sometimes sarcastic.Most let them intolerable,parajumpers femme, they have been placed in the back seat is, “even the words on the blackboard are not clear.”Wang Feng said the children in the class has 98 students, a total of nine rows of seats, a small dream of sitting in the third row of the countdown, week in and week sitting in the second row.