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,barbour france, Ltd., is packaged for sale to US corporate AO Smith Corporation,jordan pas cher, the United States paid 655 million yuan acquisition of all models Jia Bennett water into offshore accounts Lu Xueyan designated legal representative, which has nine companies paid nothing.This nine companies do this reflects businesswoman Lu Xueyan alleged contract fraud and the existence of nearly 300 million yuan positions occupied multiple units to conduct the public security organs, etc., the reporter recently conducted a survey on the case.Event reductionForeign acquisitions of a number of cooperative enterprises packaged for saleJia Bennett (Shanghai) Water Equipment Co.,air jordan 4, Ltd. from DAR ES SALAAM, Lu Xueyan couple founded, the legal representative for Lu Xueyan, DAR ES SALAAM, responsible for the operation.Jia Bennett and downstream water company has eight sales companies long-term relationship,zanotti pas cher, Su Wei, Shanghai Water Treatment Equipment Co., Ltd. is one of them, Hu Bin,red bottom shoes for women, general manager of the water treatment company,Giuseppe Zanotti Pas Cher, said Su Wei, between 2007 to 2009, good nits water This eight companies and sales companies, water purification equipment sales once accounted for the national market share of over 40%.By the end of 2007, the United States AO Smith water treatment equipment company to enter the Chinese market, the proposed acquisition of the whole company and Su Wei Jia Bennett water treatment company, eight vendors, also includes Pu Reiter (Shanghai) Plastic Products Co., Ltd., the Company specialized in the production of parts is better nits water company.Hu Bin said that the transfer of assets based on the overall core business is good nits water company, but also long-term cooperation based on trust couple, so eight sales companies were commissioned Lu Xueyan last couple responsible for negotiations with the United States AO Smith Corporation .In this eight sales companies.

including the daughter of Zhang Dacheng Zhang Heng of the two companies, which make other marketing companies but is also convinced of the deal.Two years of negotiations to determine the overall purchase price of over 600 millionJanuary 5, 2009, Su Wei, water treatment companies,basket louboutin femme, eight sales companies and good nits water company signed a “memorandum of transfer of the company’s overall” agreed on the transfer of assets resulting from sales of the company’s eight-oriented secondary transfer 45% of the total income,woolrich milano, 8 affiliated companies according to the number of customers of the network,moncler outlet, the performance of the total value of each share transfer possession and transfer of the total price agreed upon not less than 630 million yuan.Five days later.

the United States AO Smith, AO Smith (China) Investment Co., Ltd. as the buyer,air max pas cher pour homme, Hong Kong Tianlong Industrial Co.,abercrombie pas cher, Ltd. (Department of Jia Bennett pure parent company),nike tn, good nits water company and Zhang Dacheng,abercrombie and fitch, Lu Xueyan couples as the seller, signed a “letter of intent.”According to the company after the sale of eight lawyer investigation that, for the completion of the transaction, Lu Xueyan (holding a Hong Kong permanent identity card), has set up three shell companies set up first day of the British Virgin Islands Long Holdings Limited,abercrombie paris, and Tianlong Holding funded again by Hong Kong-based AO Smith (Hong Kong) Company,piumini peuterey, as the new holding company abroad, and then by AO Smith (Hong Kong) Company invested in Shanghai of AO Smith (Shanghai) Corporation,parajumpers femme, as the territory foreign-funded enterprises.At this acquisition transaction entered a critical period,barbour pas cher, Lu Xueyan in August 2009 was arrested on suspicion of smuggling. September 16, 2009, Lu Xueyan power of attorney issued by the commission agent in charge of her husband Zhang Dacheng The overall asset transfer negotiations, contract and other matters, but the transfer of assets shall be clearly specified days import Lu Xueyan Hong Long Holdings account.After the acquisition of further bilateral negotiations with the United States Tianlong Holding AO Smith Corporation signed a “share purchase agreement” to determine the total price of this transfer was 655 million yuan,nike tn, and is divided into two phases, the first phase of the transfer of 80% in advance .