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south of Alpine Street community opened a china shop, the victim Sohn June this year to enter the store credit card spending. Another police said together, brush stolen bank cards to have in store credit card spending.August 24, police arrested Chen Mouping and Hu Mouli. October 17, police were arrested in Changde and Shenzhen Shen five people and seized the gang for the crime of bank card fabrication equipment in Chen Mou home,barbour france, credit card machines and mobile POS machines, equipment and other secret shoot modus tools and a lot of bank cards.

two million missing Since the first province cracked King Series clone bank card fraudHunan Huasheng all media reporters Nie poem garland correspondent Wulin Fang Li ZhenyuNews newspaper on October 27,chaussure air jordan pas cher, Changde City Public Security Bureau recently informed the province since the first large case series clone bank card fraud gang,red bottom men shoes, arresting seven suspects,boutique louboutin, uncovered fraud Series 25 cases,hollister online, involving more than 200 million.”I received a phone Construction Bank withdrawals information sent by the bank card is a one-time credit card spending 490.

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000 yuan in different places, but my card is not from the body also did not consume ah.” July 27, Changde Sohn to the public Police. The survey confirmed that his bank card at 20:00 on July 27 by the Guangdong Zhuhai, a phone bank transfer machine time consumption 490,tn pas cher,000 yuan.The police investigation found that the case was a store credit card spending as a cover to steal credit card information to others cloned bank card and bank card password secret theft victim, after hiring others to offsite cash bank card fraud and credit card spending.Chen Mouping suspects in Changde City.