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so the” double shift “of the” elements of money “for a total of 8280 yuan.In order to guarantee income, buddy dared at the height of the bus, they had to work longer hours,barbour france, “A lot of people only one day off a month, as a day of rest on the loss of one day. Generally dry day over 12 hours, the individual desperately to dry more than 15 hours. “Master Gu said,” All the brother in fatigue driving, take life for cash, the last day open to basically have not read even the traffic lights, completely froze. “So, for the man who, “great risk of losing money,” the rush hour is the best time to rest.’Profit margins, long working hours, safety hazards and more, many drivers do not dry the old downtown, the suburbs are now new brother. “Opened a nine-year taxi Master Gu recalled that in 2000, Beijing taxi household limit release, “The original must be Beijing urban hukou,tiffany orecchini, now only requirement is that Beijing accounts,abercrombie roma, so rural farmers have come to when a brother.”According to Beijing’s largest taxi company – Silver Grant Industrial Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “Silver Grant”) to the source, “by 2006, the proportion of our urban and rural drivers driver about 2: 3,air max pas cher femme, and now basically Drivers are rural. “Brother to the suburbs of Beijing life easier, “Most home births have to, or there is an enormous amount of money house demolition, and began to live not very hard.” The new Corinthians he says.Even so,tiffany orecchini, I’m also going to the master switch,hogan online, though he had just done three months only. “If you quit to 10 hours or more are not earn money,louboutin pas cher, and my monthly income of less than 1,hogan scarpe,000 yuan.” In his view,nike tn, “When the brother is to help companies make money, tired to death, falling less than his.”Where to subsidize oil prices upMaster Lin found recently “hide and seek” more and more taxi. “The key is again raised prices, too much pressure,tiffany, they get subsidies hand,christian louboutin pas cher, the risk of losing money in the peak of the car even greater.”March 20.

more than 30 taxi end to end, parked on the roadside, the driver sat together smoking chefs get together to chat,hogan scarpe, the event came to a taxi driver and never looking back “Only go Tongzhou and Daxing, within 100 does not pull the job.”This is just one of hundreds gathered points Beijing, in Jingshun, Madian, Liuliqiao and other sites, lit “empty” sign taxi side piled up at the gas station, the man in the car dozing children with Master Gu’s words, called “rest a little.” “Who dares to peak periods toward the town go, go again lose one day.””Summit will be blocked,hogan, traffic jams will pay.” Master Gu recite by heart this account,woolrich outlet, “the speed below 15 km time-billing,tiffany milano, every five minutes by one kilometer count, 30 seconds every 2 minutes charging time, All told, more than 20 hours before plugging a dollar,doudoune moncler homme, but I blocked one hour how much oil money? “Master Gu calculations, open the “single-class,” the teacher,nike air max 1, he should be handed over a month’s “elements of money” for 5157 yuan, and bear the costs of the various risks of traffic violations, vehicle repair and maintenance, etc., plus oil costs money, “a month to get the money in 9000 dollars, so every day I open eyes owes 300 dollars,christian louboutin pas cher, and 300 dollars to pull enough to live, in order to protect this child, and the rest is their own . “Master Gu ran a” double shift “, they” run together “, everyone’s working time than the” single class “is short.

the National Development and Reform Commission in the second year to adjust oil prices, the retail price of gasoline for the first time 93 broken “8”, to 8.33 yuan / liter, the highest in the history of the highest point since the implementation of domestic refined oil pricing mechanism since 2009 .