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the Helen miraculously aircraft landing in Door County, Wisconsin on the airport runway. Soon the couple was taken to a nearby hospital. Helen subject only minor injuries in the accident.

desperation, no aircraft Helen summoned the courage driving experience, trying to make this twin-engine aircraft to continue flying.Before takeoff,barbour homme, John had been feeling unwell up. John’s son,christian louboutin discount, Richard recalled, his father had called him,giuseppe zanotti pas cher, said his neck aches,air max pas cher pour femme, feeling very bad. “I feel he’s a very bad situation when he asked me where I answer that he is at the airport waiting for him. He told me that they can be reached after about 20 minutes of. Then I can see aircraft circling in the sky. “Richard said.More than an hour later,scarpe hogan, the plane carrying amount of fuel began to fall, leading to the right side of the engine to stop working. Helen had to help the Wisconsin airport by radio. After receiving a distress signal, a local airport air traffic control team immediately made contact with Helen, and sent a plane co-pilot drove another aircraft airplane rendezvous with Helen went to her guidance on how to implement an emergency landing .With the help of the crowd.

and initially identified the name of the driver’s death.Yesterday, around 7:20, the old bus driver and rural bus Kunming limited liability company, one team on the bus master king found his car sat new colleague Mike. See Pharaoh, Mike found himself took the wrong car keys, and quickly ran to the control room to change the key. See Mike leave, Pharaoh went to the toilet,moncler piumini, more than 20 minutes after the king returned to the car and when the master, but to see another colleague Master Yang and Li 2 other people in the rescue.Wu police reports, listen to Master Yang said that around 7:40 in the morning,giubbotto woolrich, before he came to open his own bus,abercrombie & fitch, suddenly saw a man standing next to the road in front of the bus C3, motionless. Master Yang began to think that this man down to work, a few minutes later found wrong, have a look only to find Mike’s neck was caught in the door, the body exposed on the outside. He quickly called the other two colleagues,christian louboutin pas cher, Bankai the door and put the small Li on the ground began to do artificial respiration and call the 120 emergency number.Why Mike caught in the door? Sun team captain with another one C3 road vehicles for police officers and forensic Wu made a presentation. Customary bus driver in front of the first car crank up the heat a bit.

the basic sequence is first valve opens the door, go to start the car. Once the order reversed, the valve will have a huge impact, leading to the door is closed. Li estimated that the first car started up after only remembered valve did not open, so I went to the car door,escarpins louboutin, open the valve located on the bottom right of the door,air max pas cher enfant, so the tragedy occurred. Wu police reports,escarpin louboutin, according to preliminary forensic judgment, has ruled out the possibility of homicide, but the final conclusion is still under investigation.HOU Yu Meng Li Jiajian Caiwen sAccording to the British “Daily Mail” reported on April 3, an American named John? Elderly Collins recently in an airplane en route from Florida to Wisconsin’s sudden illness, unconscious. At this critical juncture,hogan outlet, his 80-year-old wife Helen to come forward,red bottom shoes for women, in the case of fuel shortage successful landing of the aircraft. Surprisingly, Helen did not open before this aircraft experience, but also never received driving training aircraft.Reported that after John collapsed.

Sun said the captain of a man is not, go do something, and something you can go next door to the control room to ask.”We all come to take over,giuseppe zanotti pas cher, the situation is less clear in the morning.” 17:20 or so, control room,tn, a responsible person, Sun captain is handling the matter,moncler outlet online, and so finished with the best proposal reporter interviewed again. The official confirmed to reporters that the driver to team work time is not long, inconvenient to say the specific circumstances. Afterward, the reporter once again call the captain that the identity Sun, Sun said the captain is still out, and sometimes can not return to the office, temporarily unable to be interviewed.Sun office is next to the captain of the team bus parking position, the scene did not find any traces of blood. 17:35 or so, one is ready to take a bus safety inspection staff car to leave, said the company is contacting the families of the deceased, the specific cause of death to be clear only after the police investigation and so informed. “If the rumors,christian louboutin outlet, then it will break its own truth.” For the market rumors driver caught dead saying, the staff and no positive reply.Police:Has ruled out the possibility of homicide18:30 yesterday, in an interview to the yard where the district police station – Ma Street police station, the situation was finally clear, the same day the police officers briefed Wu.Yesterday 8:00 o’clock, Xishan District, Wu Ma Street Police Station officers arrived at the scene, when the 120 emergency center medical staff has determined that the driver has died. After police and forensic scene investigation and interviews, the basic reduction through the trouble.