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Meanwhile,barbour international, China is also poor implementation of paid leave,hollister homme 8J41pLlnJjoHXOAvtA,chaussures louboutin soldes, until last year,hollister pas cher soldes oDWMcFiHEw0uM5F26g, the implementation of paid leave is about 50%.After last year’s Golden Week, the former National Holiday opinion polls show that more than eighty percent of Internet users vote on the current patchwork of misappropriation weekend Golden Week holiday and other small holiday dissatisfied with the way, but the question of whether to cancel the Golden Week holiday and small,tn pas chere, only nearly six users agree to cancel.The reason why this paradox of voting, mainly because of paid vacation did not get well implemented: against the abolition of the “Golden Week” holiday of Internet users and small is not in favor of the Norwegian-style vacation leave, paid leave but did not get the proper implementation of the Before, they only second best. Visible,woolrich parka, less the number of days of paid leave,tiffany orecchini, the implementation is poor,hollister, is caused by the existing institutional arrangements and holidays major source of public discontent.& Gt; & gt; strong resistance to paid annual leave stranded owned weak laborReporter: “national tourism and leisure Outline” mentioned in last year’s State Council promulgated the “2020 basic implementation of paid leave system”, why the process is so long?Cai Jiming: My 1995 promulgated the “Labor Law” has already paid vacation identified as a fundamental right of workers.

in 2007 the State Council promulgated the “National Paid Annual Leave implementing regulations”,abercrombie and fitch milano, in 2013 promulgated the “national tourism and leisure Outline “, requires a basic implementation of the 2020 system of paid leave. Why a vacation right by law to determine the workers take 25 years to the “basic” to implement it?First, the party workers to see, there is no off-paid annual leave,louboutin pas cher, mainly because of the pressure of work and employment. Had the survey results show that respondents have not paid annual holiday in consideration for work accounted for 63.82%. Strong labor-funded weak reality,hogan olympia uomo, so difficult to successfully implement paid leave,tiffany gioielli, workers have the right to make and can not exercise.Secondly,magasin abercrombie france, not yet formed a scientific concept of intellectual work and rest concept. Some workers believe that fewer bonuses paid vacation, and therefore more willing to receive cash subsidies holiday work; there are some workers worried that affect their holiday promotion. Enterprise also has a corresponding concern: workers on leave will inevitably result in job vacancies to fill vacancies is a clear need to increase labor costs for businesses.

the right of workers to be given to a class action,soldes hollister pas cher, once the amount of compensation is determined,veste barbour homme, each victim will receive compensation in proportion. This allows businesses to take the initiative to arrange for the workers paid leave, is a more viable institutional arrangements.Leave indivisible rights and labor in the legal relationship established on the basis of equality,hollister soldes 71vjcTRXPhDyckUGFv, mutual benefit and coordinating labor relations is the key to the implementation of the system of paid leave. Therefore suggested that employees paid leave provisions and the “insurance policy” with the inclusion of “labor contract” for the workers are entitled to paid leave entitlements provided legal protection.

is spending a small fortune. However, to give the necessary rest to extend the normal working hours, will inevitably reduce the efficiency of the individual and is not conducive to long-term development of enterprises.& Gt; & gt; and difficult to implement or not the lack of oversight mechanismsReporter: In addition to individual factors, the institutional level if there is a problem?Cai Jiming: paid leave system, although legal form established,moncler pas cher, but still lack the implementation details. Before the promulgation of the new “Regulations”, the state does not have any laws, regulations and punitive measures,abercrombie soldes, so that makes the paid leave system in China, although it seems not. Workers for business units in a weak voice is small, it is easy to give up their rights, national power will be needed to intervene. Currently the “regulations” for enterprises supervision and punishment methods, but also more general public for its enforcement also expressed concern that these provisions can effectively protect the legitimate rights of workers debatable. In the People’s survey that paid leave is difficult to implement the fundamental reason is “the lack of appropriate supervision and oversight mechanism” accounted for 58.75%.

that “difficult to implement the relevant administrative sanctions” and accounted for 52.45%.& Gt; & gt; suggestions central leadership should take the lead in annual leaveReporter: How can we better let the future of paid leave real floor?Cai Jiming: “State Council on the promotion of tourism in the reform and development” requires the implementation of paid annual leave system included in the agenda of local governments,<a href=" parajumpers GlokN0Bk0hKBVMhxpF, the State Department itself should set an example, during the year by the National Bureau of Statistics on the implementation of the status quo of China’s paid leave to do a comprehensive investigation government work report at the beginning of the State Department to be on this basis, the implementation of paid leave a year to identify new targets for the coming year when summed government work,hogan rebel BAFFWMOIkFmUC9fd0U, to assess the extent to achieve this goal.Meanwhile,tiffany milano rts7Fym50Jt6dCU0tR,collane tiffany, leaders at all levels, especially the central leadership of the law to do on vacation example,scarpe hogan wCwudB5HUONddUeVt5,abercrombie e fitch, take the lead in paid leave. Party and government organs at all levels, state-owned enterprises and institutions if it can not implement paid leave,doudoune moncler pas cher, would be given three times the wages of workers, media exposure and timely implementation of good local government and officials, the NPC and CPPCC to strengthen the legal and democratic supervision, labor unions effectively negative responsibility for the implementation of paid leave to worry about bad.In addition.