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the children do not understand the reasons behind their homework or treason,louboutin femme, and slowly change their education.(Original title: The boy ran to the roof by the aggrieved … thank.

children parents working in Nanjing. Parents of children education is relatively simple, with little communication with their children. Such education may allow the child to the fear.The reason children say father beat him Expert Parents should communicate with their children,barbour femme, to change the way educationNanjing Gulou District Staff Development Center Counselor Chen Hui said that after this period of time since the summer, the children and their parents dispute cases are concentrated. Mainly because children from a very loose state,hollister online, suddenly entered a state of intense study,cheap christian louboutin shoes, did not fully meet the need for a recovery and adaptation period.”Blindly beatings,parajumpers pas cher, long time,louboutin heels, children will no longer slowly afraid of you.” Chen Hui believes that parents should communicate with their children.

Grandpa can help you.” But still no movement on the roof.He did not give up, keep children with propaganda,blouson pjs, to comfort him,barbour paris, “Maybe I say so long,hollister abercrombie, I’m older and heard, the children change their mind it.” Before long, the boy put the wood on the roof shift open,parajumpers, Master Chen finally climbed up,hollister, put a boy clinging. “The only way to ensure the child’s safety.”He hugged the children were pleasedModern Express reporter learned that the boy actually live in this area, is on the way to school, grew more and more sad, into the cell.According to Master Chen introduced the boy after he was clinging to cry in his arms. “The child said he was 11 years old this year, the fifth grade. Did not finish the job, my father beat him up in the morning, and her mother scolded him.” Master Chen said the children at heart wronged,hollister pas cher, spur of the moment went upstairs. Soon, the boy’s mother, grandmother and other family members also heard the news arrived,hollister shop online, Nanjing Gulou District Koto police station rushed to the scene. It is understood that a child under the persuasion of his family, the boy’s mood gradually stabilized, and then went back to school.Police said the children grandmother rushed to tell them that they are from Anhui.

“Lao Chen, bad, there are children to jump.” Shi hear the words, security Chen Youchun immediately stood up, followed by Shi ran to the district. On the road, Master Chen worried about their children in danger, let Shi stop for police assistance, go to save himself. Fortunately, Master Chen rushed to the roof after the boy rescued. Modern Express reporter Li Yulong text / photoAnxious people have a boy standing on the roof edgeYesterday 10:00 and more, the Modern Express reporter came to the scene of the incident,parajumpers, only three residential buildings of this building, on the second floor to the third floor corridor, there is a ladder leading to the roof.From the cell door to this building, there are more than 200 meters. According to the district,boutique louboutin paris, said one resident, who saw the security master Chen went all the way to the small downstairs,abercrombie pas cher, boy endorsement package are standing on the edge of the roof on the third floor.”He stood straight, do not cry no trouble, but said nothing.” District witnessed a resident said.Security Chen Youchun year resident population 69 years old and has white hair. Reporters yesterday found him,christian louboutin outlet, and he went back to the corridor. “Soon to seventy people, there are still difficult to climb.” But, the thought of a child in the above danger, he teeth, climb the ladder.When Master Chen climbed to the top of the exit was blocked by a plank. He kept on hand by pushing the wood, but how to push all the blame does not move. He had told the boy shouted, “I said to him, children, ah, you have something to say with Grandpa.