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woke up this morning and found lying on the bed,barbour paris, there are multiple abrasions,abercrombie france, accompanied by students around the night did not sleep a wink, and inform Fan Tao to protect her knocked injured.10:07 that night, Xuzhou Tongshan Town Patrol Battalion squadron received a report after investigation, half an hour after the incident, in coordination with the perpetrators of the masses Liu captured. According to the account, which no driver’s license, no driving license of the driver actually for drink driving, the scene more than 30 kilometers per hour, the man fled the scene after the hit. When fear bear responsibility, Liu Huangbuzelu, the line to a nearby pedestrian street,outlet tiffany, and collided with a car traveling in the people around and the car driver was arrested interception under forced.This afternoon, according to police investigators Teng police reports, the boys Fan Tao was injured spleen removed, the injury assessment was identified as seriously injured; the police have been doing for the perpetrator Liu alcohol concentration test, the test results are not out,moncler pas cher, but the traffic Accident is a very serious offense, serious bound to be held criminally responsible. (Text characters are not his rAfter last Friday, 27-year-old finished the first 20 Takami blind date my parents introduced, would lock himself in the house, knocked on the door of any persuasion parents, silent. Parents recite, but then blind daughter disheartened.”This blind mate way,woolrich online, it makes too desperate.”In late December, who lives in Myrtle Denentoshi little high and her boyfriend broke up soon after, the parents began to make arrangements for her blind date thing. Small high-calculated.

students in twos and threes, talking and laughing together while OK. When we arrived at Beijing Road and Canal Road intersection copper mountain, we suddenly found behind a vehicle rushing closer look turned out to be a motorized tricycle, but students are still spooked, have avoidance. However, the motorcycle driver did not stop immediately, actually coming towards Fan Tao and Chen, the critical moment,hogan rebel, Fan Chen Jia Tao will open one, would like to physically block the tricycles, can speed is too fast, they have been knocked to the ground ,collane tiffany, unconscious.The hospital diagnosis, Fan Tao hit by heavy spleen has been removed, today still in intensive care treatment observation. And Gordon Chan rescued down instantly, arms and legs have minor abrasions, currently hospitalized. According to Chen Jia introduced himself to the incident at all can not remember.

many passengers is shy,hollister soldes, embarrassed to say “Come on,outlet moncler, take me!” He a “stimulus”, just to achieve the effect.B Ray boast master with people to create a harmoniousRay chef likes to boast loudly to encourage passengers to seat people. “There is a car I would first of all pregnant women shout ‘Which master to help pregnant,hollister outlet, so a seat?'” Ray said the master of the passenger seat, he will be the first time loudly say thank you, “I want to own the car imperceptibly foster a harmonious. “Ray most touching is the master, and once he heard two passengers at the time of the bus while the line overlap stop saying “sit 13 Road, 13 Road, the driver is good, it will call the seat.”C Tang master plays the “emotional card”As the driver, Tang master, “shouted seat” playing the emotional card. Pregnant women got into the car, in addition to playing tips Tang master, but will loudly told the pregnant car be careful, do not pay attention to pregnant encounter. “It is also said to the passengers to hear. If you still nobody let the seat,woolrich outlet online, I’ll reduce the speed, and then you say something a pregnant girl standing in the car, my car can not drive fast, good-hearted people to make a stand on Okay. “Tang said the master, after she say, the initiative to stand up every time a passenger seat.BEIJING, April 10, Xuzhou (Reporter pick crown) around 10:00 the evening of 9, Xuzhou Normal University (former Xuzhou Normal) 10 sophomore at K song finished way back to school in case of a motorized tricycle insurance Chuang come from behind, the critical moment,louboutin paris, the boys will be a female classmate Fan Tao Chen Jia away,hogan uomo, while they cause spleen removed in the road accident.Suqian Sihong from Fan Tao, 21,tiffany anelli, the evening of 9, he and Chen and other nine students came to school one K karaoke singing, 10:00 pm End entertainment back to school.

13 road team captain Zhang Guohua said,chaussure louboutin pas cher, adding that 13 road and three arches along Lake Avenue after two large residential area,louboutin pas cher, but also led to more cases of pregnant women. � In this case, simple but very touching”The team in the drivers, both men and women are loud, full of shouting seat shout out, which is the basic skills of our team drivers!” –13 Road team captain Zhang Guohua”Shout seat to pregnant women is very hard, sometimes 20 times a day to shout to get the passengers but thank you,louboutin soldes, we work to make a fresh all day, which is more than the value of ah.!” –13-Way driver Yan master[13 open road brother younger sister who]”Pregnant women Line” Everyone has the drivers’ seat shouting “learnedA good Master Chen is “attempting to rally.”To pregnant women as users post described in the “shout seat”, as Gui Chuan master will use “attempting to rally.””Sometimes broadcast to remind passengers who can not hear every day to help pregnant women ‘shout seat’, there is the experience of more than a shout.” Gui Chuan summary.

from January to August this year, she has met with 20 blind date. When the “blind mate this way, it makes too desperate.” Saying this,doudoune femme moncler, her tone look on high.For her daughter’s rebellious mood.