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Ronghuai Qing car will be equipped with friends Limou E corpse cartons shipped to cold storage.9th, 10th, credit card holders have robbed the bank ATM withdrawals due to wrong password attempts.Think others’ eyes contempt “Drunk man stabbed his sword strangersMo giant music, male, born in 1978. When the evening of December 4, 2012, Mo giant music to drink and ride a motorcycle in front of a hotel in roadside stop smoking, think on being the hotel doorstep chat with friends (victim, who died 35 years old) look at their eyes with contempt, he disgruntled, like the line retaliation.When ready to leave when the motorcycle ride Shimou Fu Mo Shi Moufu giant music rushed to leave it in the ground.

July 4 (Reporter correspondent Hehui Rong Hu Kunkun) insurance salesman who there are large sums of money in the bank card to make of Man from the greed, the desire to robbery, killed after postmortem cold; his girlfriend wanted to see someone Guangdong and let foot store supervisor moved Murder, murder after dismembered his girlfriend missing manufactured illusion; a “contempt” of the eyes, so drunk he lives … Duolu anger Recently, Haikou Intermediate People’s Court of , Qiu Chang Mo giant music and a number of intentional homicide criminals open verdict and the death penalty, to win people’s lives and they paid the price of life.Prevent his girlfriend Guangdong see friendsFoot store supervisor murder, drawn and quarteredJune 2012, the new natural feet foot store in Haikou working 22 years in Hunan girl Lvmou Yan suddenly disappeared, boyfriend as a foot shop supervisor said go see someone to Guangzhou. But the police can not find out Lvmou Yan Island Records. And identity, the rental surge of water, suddenly in Haikou logged QQ, let this “disappearance” shady. After investigation, Tang Taiping murder committed in Hunan Qiu Chang (born in 1986, Hunan). And he finally admitted killing the fact .Qiu Chang via web chat with Lvmou Yan (female, who died 22 years old) acquaintance. In early 2012 the two men living together. In the same year June 8 morning, two in Guangdong see someone go because Lvmou Yan dispute Lvmou Yan Qiu Chang Meng pinch neck caused his death. Qiu Chang dismembered corpse in the bathroom with a kitchen knife.

part of body parts into the toilet, and the remaining body parts thrown into the sea with a plastic bag packing and Haikou East Lake and other places.Before understanding , Qiu Chang bear a murder. January 6, 2007, Qiumou Min (handled separately) because when you take the bus was (victim, male, who died 44 years) robbery, then mustered Chiu Chang and other reprisals. 8 o’clock the next day, Qiumou Min Zhu Moucheng found in Hunan Chenzhou on a bus, and so that Qiu Chang catch a taxi. Renyi town near Guiyang County, and other people on the bus and get off at the dragged kicking and Zhu, and holding sticks, twigs and other continued to beat cause it seriously. After Zhu Moucheng still serious injuries, died,barbour paris, Qiu Chang, who fled.Robbery and murder of insurance salesmanCold store called wild boar postmortemRonghuai Qing, male, born in 1966, Linyi County. Because of the insurance business, Ronghuai Qing access to insurance salespeople Limou E (victim, female, who died 50 years). After learning Limou E who carry large sums of money in the bank card memory there, Ronghuai Qing began to plan the robbery.At 20:30 on December 8, 2012 Xu, to buy insurance on the grounds, called the about to their rented room, with a towel pressed tight Le neck and its password, Limou E caused by mechanical asphyxia death. robbed carry two credit cards, a cell phone and more than RMB 110 million, after buying a nylon rope, scissors and other bodies will bundled into cartons.9, 17 am, rent a taxi postmortem failed, after a friend called and wild boar to hold together in the name of the cartons shipped to a friend’s house. 10 morning.


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