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fire exits were diverted, it will cause a major security risk. Such questioning annoyed – Zhao, – Zhao not only threatened to deduct the other tens of millions of construction funds, but also will house the foundation’s Yixing surnamed Feng responsible person “to justice.””Surprisingly,barbour pas cher, yes, really – Zhao says it will do, not only refused to pay the amount due the project,barbour pas cher, and soon thereafter, Tianjin public security authorities on the establishment of a task force,air max, the person in charge of surnamed Feng investigation and suspicion engineering major Accident Crime surnamed Feng,giuseppe zanotti, head of online pursuit. “The insider case sigh.”Feng named head of a criminal case there is indeed a lot of questions.” Beijing lawyer,veste barbour, said in an interview with reporters, according to the law, the crime engineering major security incidents belong result of guilty only because of the quality of the project has undergone major safety issues When the accident can be held criminally responsible persons directly responsible. The Yixing house foundation companies to undertake projects involved in the construction process after the matter was handed over Tianjin Grand View real estate, do not cause any casualties and property losses due to quality problems, but was investigation,scarpin louboutin pas cher, perhaps the man behind the operation – Zhao not unrelated.Property was taken in for questioningSerious corruption in the construction field”Is not reported, not the time.” Several news in July this year.

an official came to let Wang Qiang inspire,tn requin, three years ago, claimed by the victims – Zhao Qiang, has been insisting to multiple departments to report – Zhao.In early July,moncler soldes, Goldman Sachs real estate and Tianjin Tianjin Sceneway estate executives (including – Zhao included) controlled by authorities;July 9, the commission website news that the central fifth inspection teams, said the problem of corruption in the field of urban construction in Tianjin prominent “leaders” discipline violation cases more harm large;July 20, the commission announced that Tianjin Vice Chairman Wu Changshun Municipal Public Security Bureau on suspicion of serious violation of law, the organization is currently undergoing investigation;”Although it is still not exactly know there are several messages in the end how to inter-relate, but as a developer – Zhao will certainly get to the bottom of the problem.” Qiang told reporters that over the years.

and otherwise is the illegal construction, not only can not be through the planning and acceptance, but can not obtain legal rights certificate. However,hollister uk, a number of projects in prime locations among developers – Zhao in Tianjin developed can successfully “clearance” shocking,zanotti pas cher, behind it, is likely to have an umbrella in providing cover and support.”- Zhao in Tianjin can really be said to be hand-eye sky,abercrombie france, movers and shakers, who want the whole entire whoever.” An insider told reporters,hollister pas cher, Jiangsu Yixing foundation engineering company suffered a very able to prove it. Because “the door square” Tianjin Sceneway estate developer for the expansion building floor area ratio,chaussure jordan, multiple changes to the structure of the upper part of the building project design, planning department has been audited construction drawings repeatedly changed repeatedly let pile construction team approach complement the construction. This naturally caused a house foundation Yixing dissatisfaction with the company and asking the question: the original planning approval by the floor space has become increasingly narrow.

Tianjin Trust Co. and Northern International Trust Co.” beep book to urge financial institutions to guard against risks. The article said: “Recently, all the executives of Goldman Sachs Tianjin Real Estate Development Co.,Giuseppe Zanotti Paris, Ltd. and Tianjin Real Estate Development Co., Ltd. Sceneway controlled by authorities; per capita – Zhao actual control of the company,air max homme, the development projects are ‘waterfront Ginza’ and ‘ the door of the building ‘(that is.

real estate development as a platform – Zhao in Tianjin politicians weave a wide range of personal connections. Wang Qiang speculated – Zhao in Tianjin, many politicians are relying on relationships built up his father’s relationship, and – Zhao born, his father had served in the southern province of important provincial leadership, and served time for ten years, a few retired years ago.July 28, reporters repeatedly contact telephone Tianjin Tianjin Sceneway Goldman estate and real estate-related personnel, understanding of the company situation,hollister, but no one answered. Reporters later linked to the Tianjin Grand View property “door square” named Li salesperson,hogan, he confirmed to reporters,hollister clearance, company executives have not seen for several days, the situation is not clear to company executives.It is reported that Tianjin Banking Board has also given “all the banks within its jurisdiction.