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“Currently, Yuhuan police have their Detention.After Chenqing Xia detention expires,spaccio woolrich, no procedures and legal formalities,cheap christian louboutin, has been continued restriction of personal freedom for three years,louboutin heels, who is determined, who is implemented? Must find out and pursue the administrative and criminal liability.Yichun petition women Chenqing Xia detention expires, the local resettlement her alone, let the family pick, sent 24 hours care, suspected of illegal restriction of personal freedom of citizens. After the media exposure the matter is to expand local sympathy, but also to send a doctor for her medical examination, but also negotiated settlement Chenqing Xia residence Tuiji rehabilitation and other issues, and sent police to help find child again. And Chenqing Xia is put forward their demands 5:00, said to be free and requires police accountable.Yichun City for the aftermath, it seems a lot of the measures seem quite human caring. However, the bustling behind, but conceal a number of key issues. The key point is that,moncler outlet, for a restriction of personal freedom of citizens for three years, why not see the investigation of this matter Responsibility?According to the Constitution, any citizen may be approved by the People’s Procuratorate,christian louboutin sale, the people’s court decision or the decision, and the public security organs,hogan outlet, and arrests. Unlawful detention and other unlawful deprivation or restriction of personal freedom of citizens. Criminal law will not only illegal detention incriminate also provides state personnel use their powers to commit the crime of illegal detention, and severely punished. After Chenqing Xia detention expires, no procedures and legal formalities,tiffany, has been continued restriction of personal freedom for three years, who is determined, who is implemented? Must find out and pursue the administrative and criminal liability. Even so.

just a shout in the bank,parajumpers femme, more than 20 individual rushing gun pointed at his head, and later learned that the next day is the police station paychecks day.(Original title: Zhengzhou police combat exercise held unexpected wanted fugitives captureHua Daily News (trainee reporter correspondent Zhang Nan Du Quanrun) the hot weather.

if the case is really nobody knows for sure,parajumpers homme, check the person directly responsible is unclear, the leaders should also bear responsibility for abuses.Responsibility needs to be investigated more than an “illegal detention.” Chenqing Xia said,parajumpers pas cher, “he is walking into the detention center, was beaten to paralyze them.” And this is just the relevant departments Yichun repeatedly denied, but could not get evidence. Whether Chenqing Xia was beaten, not a mystery, because this may involve serious crimes officials, including the truth, uncover needs.In addition, children government retrievers lost, lost children through, uncompromising and local government, which should similarly identified. When you see,parajumpers pas cher, no matter how the child is lost, petitioners are the direct cause of Chenqing Xia lost son. Unaccountably lost a child.

policemen and emergency arrests. So, Zhengzhou city dispatched nearly 500 card points, hunt intercept “the suspect vehicle.” To say that this parade can be big enough,peuterey prezzi, with a large child-like. Zhengzhou Municipal Public Security Bureau official micro “peace Zhengzhou,” this is also specially made micro-Bo, which is the police emergency practical exercise,chaussure jordan, ask the public not to panic.People did not panic, can someone really panicked. Being distribution police found a man running all the way down the street, and there are people to catch up. Police also wonder what, “the script, all the suspects fled by car, fled on foot ah no!” To have a look at it, so the police and people together, to stop the rush to subdue the man.Scene by the police than the right, the suspicious man is a wanted fugitive online! Suddenly reminds me of a piece Guo Degang, said he had a “senior”, to rob the bank.

leaving untold suffering to their loved ones, which do not bear responsibility should anyone? Who decide on Chenqing Xia retrievers,nike air max 1, retrievers participate again are those people? These have to find out, be held accountable.According to reports,barbour france, presented to reporters in a row,basket louboutin, “Why only to the massive media attention after the local government in order to demonstrate attention to posture, you have 10 years to do the time” and 17 ask, with the party secretary of Yichun Ridge area Zhangyue Wen said to reflect. Chenqing Xia event, reflection is necessary to solve the plight of their lives as it should be, but all of this is only based on the survey accountable, makes sense. Otherwise, another profound reflection, responsible people with impunity, what the value of such reflection warning? for material compensation of more, but ignore their years of pent-up grievances mind, body and mind so devastated How to get comfort, just why would realize? � Liu Changsong (Beijing Rui Jie Lawyer)(Original title: “illegal detention Chenqing Xia” see how the investigation ResponCNR network Zhengzhou October 20, according to Voice of China “peak evening news” reported recently, Zhengzhou City Public Security Bureau held a combat exercise. Exercise script is written so: at 9:00 on the 18th, the Zhengzhou Municipal Public Security Bureau 110 command center received a report: Zhongyuan Road near the intersection with the Beijing-Guangzhou Road shop was thwarted by a group of men,nike store, robbery, and then, “suspects” were Take eight car fled!8 cars were fleeing.