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they will work with a fixed phone number to contact. According to these scattered clues carefully screened thoroughly judged, six suspects in the case gradually surfaced in front of the police, they are Tanmou school (male, aged 50, YiZhangXian a six-town people); a Europe Fang (male, 40 years old, Yizhang Asada people); Weimou Shan (male, 40 years old, Guizhou); Wang (male, 41 years old,barbour pas cher, Yunnan); Jimou Hua (male, 39 years old, Sichuan); the white one ( Male, 53 years old, YiZhangXian Baisha people).Clean Sweep does not give respitePolice collected from Umeda.

to a “sit back and wait.” But when police arrived scrap yards, yards Heidengxiahuo,moncler pas cher, only 100 meters away from the yards where there is a motorcycle, next to three people acting suspiciously. Police analysis, it is possible transaction has been completed, and decided not to arouse his suspicions.From four provinces “experts gathered”Although the first night rushed to empty,woolrich parka, but police intuition that this is definitely a specialized mining equipment theft gangs. Starting from a mysterious phone the police, a careful analysis of his call list, contact them to determine the very close relationship between several people. These people are basically the same track activity: almost motionless during the day,christian louboutin shoes, and at night usually at about midnight,giuseppe zanotti sneakers, a few people will be gathered together today in Umeda mine,abercrombie paris, mine tomorrow Whey,scarpe hogan, deeds very suspicious. And back to the plum franca.

involving the value of more than 100 million.Mysterious hotlinesAugust 12, 2014 at 9:00 pm,air max femme pas cher, Yizhang County Public Security Bureau police station received a mysterious Asada phone: “Tonight there is a group of people will go to a coal mine YiZhangXian Mei Town to steal cable, probably in 0:00 point to the front of the village Mei Town scrap shop to a fence. “Before the police ask what the situation, then hang up the phone. Police back in the past,parajumpers femme, but can not get through the phone no matter what.”I would rather believe it,hollister pas cher, not credible,nike france,” Asada police station to take into account the reported cases of mysterious telephone area Town in May, then reported the case to the Public Security Bureau of Criminal Investigation Brigade YiZhangXian. That night, when the criminal investigation police arrived Umeda, is 22:00. After analysis, the police decided to hold the scrap yards.

Asada,moncler, Whey three police equipment and mining equipment theft, discovered this year,moncler uomo, a lot of the cases reported to basically the same track with their activities,abercrombie paris, you can lock it is a plum Town center,moncler pas cher, specializing in mining criminal gangs engaged in theft.Police also found: mysterious phone person August 12 Tanmou school, is also one of the suspects of crime. Why did he want to make this call? In order to solve these mysteries as soon as possible, the police decided: the time is ripe now to close the net. The evening of September 10,abercrombie france, the police find out the place to stay after these people, the Public Security Bureau of Criminal Investigation Brigade organization YiZhangXian Umeda.

did not receive the message.From the girl ignorant discourse, police gain a little bit of information. The girl said she called “Yuan Xinyu” (sound), this year’s 4 years old. In addition, it is no other valid the information.Recently, Hunan Chenzhou Yizhang County Public Security Bureau after careful investigation, destroying a large mining equipment,hogan outlet, equipment theft gang, arresting six suspects, including criminal detention 5, an administrative detention,modelli hollister, mine detection equipment, equipment theft case series 51 cases.