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Youshen chopsticks to folder. Eat Finally,barbour pas cher, Liu calculated, feeling not eat back to 79 yuan,giubbotti woolrich, then took a full fries with a watermelon.Finally,hollister pas cher soldes, even walking to almost shout to die, really leaning on the wall out. We say that eating is much more than a walk, so she and her colleagues also stroll the streets for half an hour before the ride home, the home more than 11 points.Originally thought to take a bath to quickly asleep, can sudden severe abdominal pain, uncomfortable fullness, vomiting and spit it out,hollister soldes, was rushed to hospital in Wuhan city family,hollister homme, doctors diagnosed as acute gastric dilatation, is truly “eat stays a. “Wuhan Central Hospital Chief Physician of Gastroenterology Heng Zhang introduced, most patients with acute gastric dilatation because of eating too much, abruptly stomach to stay bad.It is understood that the Wuhan city center can be admitted to the hospital two or three cases a month after eating stays caused acute gastric dilatation, mostly due to eat buffet.

vegetables and soup as relatively easy to digest. She reminded everyone, do not drink cold drinks after eating seafood, otherwise easily lead to diarrhea.Stomach can sustain much? 5 bottles of mineral water equipmentHow big empty stomach? Big punchHeng Zhang said, in a natural fasting state,felpe hollister, the adult stomach contents of about 50ml, the stomach is only about the size of a fist. However, when the bite first bite of food, chew and swallow receives the reflected signal related stimuli,chaussure louboutin pas cher, stomach began to automatic expansion. This can also be said to be a self-adaptation of the stomach, people can eat enough food, while avoiding the food into the stomach to bring too much pressure on the stomach, cause unnecessary trouble.Hubei Provincial Hospital of digestive medical director Tian Wang introduced after normal meal stomach contents of about 1500ml, stomach increased about 30 times, after eating stays about 2000ml.

23, in October this year, finding a clerical job,barbour femme, the unit is near the Wuhan-Guangzhou, the monthly income of about 2,000 yuan, because the income is not particularly large, she usually very economical,abercrombie france, did not ask to eat.The day before yesterday, the AA Meet colleagues eat buffet,louboutin homme pas cher, thinking rare “luxury” for a while, Liu thought back must eat this, place the unit next to the cafeteria for dinner 79 yuan per person.After entering the restaurant, several young people have been in a very happy state, every turn to keep the scallops,hollister, basically a waiter serving, they will be robbed.”We 5:30 into the restaurant, eating 9:00 all over.” Liu said, these four hours, and have to eat two steaks, five salmon sashimi, a number of grilled scallops, two ice cream, There are a variety of fast food,hollister pas cher france, desserts, fruits, and many more have to be puzzled,hogan 2014 uomo, anyway,barbour paris, eat stays a rest, we chat, see who took the new stuff.

and later into the winter, more people eat hot pot, due to indigestion and to eat stays hospital’s patient is increased by one percent.Reporters from the People’s Hospital of Wuhan University, Zhongnan Hospital, Hospital of Hubei Province, Hubei Province, People’s Armed Police Corps Hospital emergency department is understood that within the past month, every hospital has treated patients with acute gastric dilatation, up to eight cases admitted at least is 2 cases, from medical records to see, because the account for over 60 eat buffet, and eat hot pot also accounted for two percent.Many people may have heard, when the fish can not stop feeding, because they do not have a sense of satiety, it will not stop eating until his own Cheng Si.Not to mention that this statement is correct, but unrestrained eating and drinking indeed have the stomach to produce a great burden.Heng Zhang introduced, the majority of patients admitted to eat because eat buffet “acute gastric dilatation.” Because there is no bottom line to eat buffet,doudoune moncler femme, a lot of people in order to “eat enough of this” and often hungry before a meal,chaussures louboutin pas cher, and then binge drinking sea meal, eat ‘throats “, and relinquish. In this case, it is prone to “acute gastric dilatation.”How to prevent eat stays? Heng Zhang said that during normal eating, after we eat something,ciondolo tiffany, the brain receives the relevant signal and then feeding center will respond at the appropriate time to remind you to “eat, put down the chopsticks”, then you should put down the chopsticks no longer eat,tn, so as not to eat stays. In addition, regular meals quantitative adhere to eat, do not eat in stimulating food, do not eat too much.In addition, she suggested that when eat buffet, eat vegetables and then eat meat.