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000, the total number of bureau-level government microblogging nearly 1900,barbour pas cher, the county level government affairs The total number of more than 10,000 micro-Bo, government microblogging platform to achieve the transition from publishing to the interactive platform.”Officials open microblogging, and other users that require authentication, as are required to submit proof of identity in accordance with the relevant procedures, certification and after checking.” Sina Bo May 17 reply newspaper said that at present there is no specific policy on the real-name authentication senior officials. Earlier, the case of senior government officials to obtain real-name authentication counterfeit Sina Weibo had occurred.Shaanxi Provincial Public Security Bureau deputy director Chen, Sina microblogging certified as “three rural sociology scholar,peuterey prezzi, Doctor of Management”,giuseppe zanotti sneakers, he is currently the number has more than 10 million fans.He commented senior officials such as A Search open real-name authentication microblogging is a good thing. “The Age of the government and officials are pushed to the forefront of information technology.

because people can withstand a brick. Internet users do not understand the operation of the Government system, have complained to the government for help, would you make to vent, officials need to learn, leaned over,zanotti pas cher, lowered stance and exchange of Internet users. “How it worksIt is unclear whether these are senior officials microblogging I personally operation. Zhang was only in March 2011 during two of the country made it clear that “I personally seriously, like themselves, is respect for each other,hollister france, but also the performance of my personality.” He said his own hair microblogging content are personally prepared. He had a whole night watching over 5300 shouts.A not so rosy phenomenon is now in senior government officials to obtain real-name authentication microblogging, few people continue to maintain and communicators.Such as the real-name authentication as “Vice Mayor Liu Xinzheng.

“I’m the mayor, but also the public, and everyone else living here. We protect Kunming, Kunming care demands consistent with government demands. If the local government in the past have done wrong, I apologize to everyone bow.” He said. May 11, A Search and more,chaussure tn pas cher, said: “Most people say a (peaceful in oil projects), the government can not say the majority of the people, not the government.”So many people believe, A Search At this open microblogging, petrochemical projects directly related to the storm and tranquility. Microblogging is considered senior officials and the public communication demands and respond to new media public events.”Many officials for diving.”In fact, even in the previous mayor of Kunming, A Search is not the first person to open microblogging. As early as April 8, 2011, his predecessor Zhang Zulin had opened the “Kunming mayor’s hotline 12345” microblogging, and its role as “We will regularly publish work through the microblogging dynamic, grasp your comments and suggestions on our work . ” Opened more than two years now, the microblogging fans reached 130,000.Outside of Kunming, officials microblogging precedents. With provincial officials open microblogging real name of the first man, Xinjiang Autonomous Region Party Secretary Zhang Chunxian, on March 2, 2011 at Tencent blogging.January 2013, the provincial secretary of the province of Shaanxi Province ZHAO being promoted propaganda minister-cum-spiritual civilization construction work conference on the province’s propaganda officials are open to it, said he bedtime every day on the microblogging attention and Shaanxi related posts. February 2013 due to online users answer a consulting opportunity to enjoy preferential subsidies military matters, deputy governor of Guizhou Province Weibo by users attention.According to Sina early May release of “2013 first quarter Sina government microblogging report,christian louboutin pas cher,” said that as of the first quarter of the total number of certified government microblogging Sina to break 70.

both of which need to adapt to the era of progress, although officials have normal work platform, but after Sina Weibo emerged as a centralized place for people to express public opinion,cheap christian louboutin, the traditional political life broaden the space,abercrombie & fitch, it will become a platform to showcase their cadres. ” Chen says the reporter.Chen, has opened his own private letter microblogging platform, users can each by a private letter to his message. Chen says, received a private letter every day there are hundreds of rescue, his daily 6:00 am to 8:00, 22:00 to 1:00 to see microblogging,christian louboutin, most rescue information,chaussure zanotti, are handed over to the relevant departments to deal with, and do not choose a public response on the microblogging.”As far as I know, many officials have their own micro-blog,barbour soldes, but most have chosen to ‘dive’,” Chen, said, “real-name authentication requires courage.

Henan Province People’s Government 51” microblogging, currently has more than 490,000 fans to display the number,abercrombie paris, but only a handful of comments and forwarding. His main microblogging content is happening on the news that day were commentaries, or reading, as well as insights on life and so on.Verified for “Yangquan City Vice Mayor Wang Jingrui” microblogging, although there are more than 100,air max pas cher femme,000 fans,pjs doudoune, but the main content is forwarded microblogging life aphorisms, little Speaking of government,barbour soldes, and from April this year after nine, then no microblogging updates.Verified as “deputy mayor of Nanning Young people” Sina Weibo, from May 1,moncler outlet online, the theme of hair every day Weibo are large Zhuang musical “birds clothing” Still, at 17, has “serial “The stills 75. Also have not got any official communication between the public and government information content.Compared with the senior officials of the government system, the provincial party secretary, party secretary and other senior party system less open microblogging real name. Verified Kaifeng City Party Secretary Qi Jinli microblogging, since August 2012 after no update,veste barbour, although at 17, still has friends in their microblogging message.Zhejiang Provincial Party Committee Organization Department Minister Cai Qi in Tencent Weibo.