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“Learning fans” were released microblogging 182, most of which are directly related to the content of Xi Jinping. In some micro-Bo,barbour soldes, Bo Lord Xi affectionately addressed as “mediocre”, which allows insurance theory Zhongshan University Communication Design Dean immediately thought of “assorted rice pudding.” The latter is the fans to Hu, Wen’s nickname.”Assorted rice pudding” were active in various forums,tn requin pas cher, still Baidu Post Bar set up a “assorted rice pudding,magasin hollister, right,” “Jambalaya,” is “rice pudding it,” West Temple also has a special “delicious assorted rice pudding” discussion board. “Assorted rice pudding” hot posts on Tianya, winning 800,000 hits and more than 10,000 replies in just two months.September 4, 2008, People “special production” and “Assorted Eight FANS Circle” page formally launched, which obtain official recognition of the fans in a way means that the leaders of groups.”Learning Fans” blogger also said, “I can do the things they like, which shows an improvement.” Despite these moves have made her accused of “Fifty Cent”.

my car is silver, the car is blue.” 10 o’clock yesterday morning, police in the Pacific forest hospital, when the police car keys will be returned to the owner Mr. Guo,basket nike tn pas cher, who find it difficult to accepted.Li Quan Min said: “Some people will buy back the car for fear of people see through, at the re-painting, hanging fake license plates, or set of others of the same model car license plate number.” Guo silver car was changed to blue.Guo said his car was in the evening of 10 August,louboutin pas cher, Chang’an District Guo Du stolen outside their own community. Car is spent 60,000 yuan to buy,perle pandora, bought just a year lost. Yesterday, in front of a blue car indeed determine their own car, Guo after checking the car’s interior to drive away. Guo said, and then he will go to the 4S shop, the paint again to change back to silver.Guo together yesterday and reclaim the stolen car has another five owners.China Chinese Commercial News reporter Zhang Bo(Original title: The mean age of 16 years 4 months baby stealing two cars for cash to spend 9 Newspaper reporter intern Joe Dan Nianjun spin � mature and innovative techniques of social psychology, the birth of a new way of reporting.

but “no one said not to do.” . Based on the scope of freedom of expression within the legal space,air max pas cher pour homme, she was able to use microblogging to build channels of self-expression, “I am an admirer of General Secretary. I love him and support him.”The so-called “paycheck to paycheck.

17-year-old Lumou confession,barbour france, he had several friends in the Chevrolet 4S shop work,tn pas chere, by chance, he learned about the “Sail” in the performance, day in early August, in the hands of money, he will tangle Yang, Sohn, Jiang three people to try attitude to car theft, did not expect to actually succeed.Lumou say, then as long as the hands of money, they would go together four car theft,tom ford, you can sell the cars are they selling price per seven or eight thousand Choi and Tianmou, Cui Tian duo again increase per vehicle sold seven or eight thousand.Li Quan Min said, according to the suspects confessed,tom ford shoes, September 28, Tianmou, Choi was arrested. Subsequently, the police investigators first found to be stolen and then discarded Lumou two cars, and car owner returned. Subsequently, the police according to Tianmou, Choi’s confession,veste barbour homme, to trace the car to be sold,red bottom sandals, which is currently four have been recovered, the last one being in recovery.Police reports, the average age of 6 people Lumou only 16 years old. Currently, in addition Sohn, Kang because of lack of legal age in the police after the parents reclaim education; Lumou,barbour paris, Yang suspicion of theft,barbour pas cher, Tianmou, Choi suspicion of disguise or conceal the proceeds of crime, were approved Hu County Procuratorate arrest.Silver car blue car owners not recognize”This is not my car.

then alert the Taiping Forest police station. 4:00 pm, police in the Pacific Valley exit Alarming set card interception, pulled over two suspicious white Chevrolet sedan, after inventory found that the car had four men with theft of property suspected Liu car is very similar to human physical characteristics.”Originally, the car was to investigate the theft of property case, four people were surprised to discover two cars is driving a stolen vehicle.” Co-case Cottage police station, deputy director Li Quan Min said.According to four people Lumou confession, beginning in August of this year until the arrest, less than two months time,Giuseppe Zanotti Paris, they have to steal cars in Chang Guo Du, Wei Qu, etc. 9, in addition to the use of two left,chaussure tn pas cher, two bad shot was abandoned,air max pas cher, and the remaining five all cheap to sell.9 lost two stolen vehicles sold five two-occupied”This gang stole most of the Chevrolet ‘Sail’.” Lee said the right people.

and promote interaction with the temple’s rivers and lakes � again and again to break the news propaganda model, step by step to promote high-level political transparencySpace within the statutory scope of freedom of expression, “learning Fans” breakthrough, no one said not to do”Learning Fans” southern tour trip to fame thanks to the CPC Central Committee General Secretary Xi Jinping.”It accurately reported the expedition route in Guangzhou, Xi Jinping, and sometimes even more than the regular media even one step ahead. In addition, it posted a rare early photo Xi Jinping and their families.” There Media Watch said. Although hidden behind bloggers exceptionally low profile, the registered November 21, 2012 on-line grassroots micro-Bo, in more than 40 days in more than 56,000 fans to win attention.As at 0:00 on January 6.


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