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Many companies complained that the appreciation of the exchange rate and foreign situation is not good, hard to live. In my opinion, these sad day business, ten years ago, should be eliminated. Because it is no technical content, and some is through the pollution of the environment to reduce costs. Transformation means survival of the fittest, which rely on polluting the environment, the cost advantage of the survival of the enterprise twist should not exist.The second problem is that economic transition from investment to consumption. To solve this problem you need to solve the “cake” of the problem. Our cake is growing, but is left to the people in a declining share, this is a central challenge facing the expansion of consumption,barbour soldes, on the one hand to encourage people to spend the money away on the one hand.

the people how to spend . So the income distribution reform is a major issue in the next decade of economic transformation must face.Introduction of inheritance urgentBeijing News: Income distribution reform is currently a hot topic, how do you see?Liu Shengjun: imbalance in the distribution of income is the key to solving the housing problem. Now the trend is basically white collar impoverishment appear. A stable social order to rely on it? To rely on the middle class. But the trend is that we are now destitute of middle-class white-collar workers or impoverishment, many of the middle class in big cities can not afford housing, can not afford marriage knot, too poor to feed the children of coverage. Why is this problem? In fact,louboutin homme pas cher, real estate is a very important issue.In addition, to solve the problem of imbalance in the distribution of income to ensure two things: first,hollister france, equal opportunities, and the second, to ensure that “the rich,hollister, but three generations.” Here the word “rich.

but three generations” refers to the social structure is not cured,zanotti pas cher, so that it can power struggle. If you ever struggle can not become rich,abercrombie soldes, it is also why the struggle? How do the rich,hogan online, but three generations,giuseppe zanotti pas cher, is inheritance.American Heritage tax rate is 45%, so the genetic three times, there has been much left to future generations no less than. Government get this money can help the poor,gioielli tiffany, we can also improve entrepreneurial enthusiasm. We see a lot of American entrepreneurs to take the initiative to donate money, donate because he knows I do not have to be taken away, might as well donate it off. Look at our entrepreneurs, they regarded the property to their children,louboutin femme pas cher, the shares have been transferred. This wealth is very alarming,hollister abercrombie, these have escaped if 45% of the wealth tax, then does that mean? We lost a very good correct social imbalances in income distribution mechanism. So the introduction of inheritance tax is already urgent matter.Nan Yi administrative means pricesBeijing News: I just talked about real estate issues,outlet tiffany, can penetrate to talk about it?Liu Shengjun: how China’s real estate problems arise? The first reason is the monetary policy. Chinese M2 growth rate is staggering, China M2-GDP ratio is far more than other countries. In 2008 to 2011 among the world’s new M2,collana tiffany, China accounted for 50 percent, you can imagine so much money to drop down what it means? Means either inflation or asset inflation. If suppress inflation,woolrich parka, the money to go, the money going to the city and stock speculation,hogan, because it had no place to go. On the one hand throwing money around, one can not be said that the prices here,air max femme, there is not the price,chaussures louboutin pas cher, which is not consistent with common sense of monetary economics.The second problem,chaussure louboutin pas cher, the problem is a real estate income distribution imbalance problem. This means that by suppressing administrative measures that will not solve the problem.