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reporters still bustling Bangkok, bridge anti-government groups “democratic reform people’s committees” to see the camp, a few blocks from the bridge near downtown still resides a large number of demonstrators, or on the grounds of their rest,barbour soldes, or Tage dance, no did not expect the military will announce the takeover of state power in more than one hour after, the end of the line which lasted nearly seven months demonstrations consciousness.22 afternoon,red bottom boots, Pakistan and Thailand sterile convene all stakeholders was held in Bangkok, the second round of the Army Club Coordination Meeting, to resolve the current political impasse find a way out.

because the parties disagree coordination meeting failed to reach any compromise.At 16:30 on the 22nd,christian louboutin shoes, the Thai army chief Palestinian fertility announced in order to avoid further escalation of political conflict, to restore peace and order in the country and to promote political reform and protect the lives and property of people suffer greater losses, since the military took over immediately The caretaker authority.Reporters night around 7:00 at the Army Club in Bangkok area to see,christian louboutin outlet, perhaps because of the military on May 20 announced the full implementation of martial law and Thailand earlier, therefore, Pakistan sterile announced takeover of state power on the streets of Bangkok after heavily armed soldiers did not see the streets in front of the Army Club is just more than 10 soldiers on duty,bijou pandora, and the duty of soldiers generally do not have a gun, but the body is not more than one usually wear bulletproof vests.Army club not far away, a small street food stalls still business as usual, pedestrians no sense of panic. Only military announced that with immediate effect imposed a curfew in the whole range of Thai people may rush to return home before 10 pm, the streets of Bangkok traffic jams times better than on weekdays. Reporters usually return home during that road just over 10 minutes about that night but snail line for nearly two hours.After the evening of 22 protesters issued military orders to return home end of the rally, Thai United Front for Democracy against Dictatorship (Red Shirts) leaders on the requirements of their supporters rally ended.

Tang Mingjiang I can not remember. “Friday, when more than one six, one week less time there once.” Reporters help Tangming Jiang estimate, an average of three times a week according to calculations, 15 years old he was a free transfer at least 2000 times.Guizhou addition to “unauthorized access work” to do good, also actively involved in the industry department, various welfare activities organized by the company, such as free shuttle candidates,hollister soldes, poverty relief for earthquake relief donations,air max pas cher pour homme, etc.,nike tn requins, there is a also a subject of domestic violence Women provide protection. “Every good thing to do, I feel very happy.” Tangming Jiang said,barbour pas cher, his warm heart are affected by her mother’s influence. Today, he has a wish, “I hope to mobilize more people to do things together to contribute to society.” Reporter Yang Xi intern hiChina news agency, Bangkok, May 22 (Reporter Yu Xianlun) – Thai maintain peace and order in the 22nd Commission ordered the evening, protesters of different political groups must immediately end their protests, returned to their homes as soon as possible. That night,veste barbour, many protesters packed up to return home, many people rush home before the curfew, the streets of Bangkok big traffic jam.Wen Thai Thai Army deputy spokesman for the whole night in a televised speech in the Thai people that are willing to go home the evening of 22 protesters if necessary, can seek assistance stationed in the vicinity of its gathering of officers.Thai maintain peace and order the Commission to terminate the evening also declared the country’s Constitution. Power has been taken over by the military caretaker government,air max femme pas cher, but House of Lords,red bottom pumps, the courts and other independent organizations will continue to fulfill its mandate.22 afternoon around 3 pm.

about 3,nike tn officiel,000 “Red Shirts” that night after another car returned to their hometown.Chinese Embassy in Thailand has also released a warning 22 pm,louboutin femme, hoping intends to Taihe in Thailand during Thai Chinese citizens to their own safety.The warning said the Thai military takeover announced 22 pm and 10:00 every night from now until the next day 5:00 curfew across the country. To ensure safety, in case of emergency, please recently proposed to Thai Chinese citizens carefully assess the security risk, careful to Thailand; raise risk awareness in the Thai Chinese citizens and institutions,tn pas cher, strengthen security measures do not go out at night.(Original title: Thai military ordered the protesters political parties to the conflict immediately end the protest to”Gastric ulcer patients with hemorrhagic 2000 ml stake in urgent need of panda blood!” New Year’s night, the help of a micro-blog on the network slowly ferment. As of yesterday, this microblogging is enthusiastic netizens forwarded thousands of times. Microblogging Liu mentioned in Beijing was a physical education teacher in a school. February 8, Liu burst stomach ulcer lot of vomiting,boutique louboutin, because of his rare blood type is RH negative blood type A,basket louboutin femme, which is commonly known as the panda blood,nike tn pas cher magasin, in the case of urgent need of blood transfusion therapy.