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for the exercise of collective self-defense release.Abe came to power after he led the LDP repeatedly raised the current history textbooks exist “masochistic view of history” (the so-called “self-deprecating view of history”),barbour soldes, lack of patriotism, for an amendment to the textbook standards, in particular the abolition of the Japanese government in 1982 developed textbook content must take into account the feelings of its Asian neighbors,tn soldes, “neighbor Asian countries clause”, and then on this basis will the Japanese forced comfort women, such as the Nanjing Massacre completely erased from textbooks. The Liberal Democratic Party demands, directly reflects the party president Abe proposition – put Japan into a “a confident nation.”Abe 2007 ruling that dominated during the first revision of the “Law of Education” requirements “integration of traditional Japanese culture,doudoune moncler, patriotism and respect for local content such love in textbooks.” Abe advocated “education reform” is a core objective “to get rid of self-flagellation of history education.” He repeatedly stressed that in the 21st century,christian louboutin cheap, let the Japanese “for their country full of confidence and pride,woolrich parka,” “Japanese history, culture, there is a sense of pride.” After coming to power again,zanotti homme, Abe request to revise the textbook standards, in order to more fully reflect the spirit of the 2007 Revised Edition of “Fundamental Law of Education” in.And the revision of history textbooks,nike air max 1, the Japanese young generation to instill wrong view of history echoes,doudoune pjs, Abe proposed a comprehensive review of the Japanese government to reflect on the history of aggression, “the three talk” 1982 “Miyazawa conversation,moncler uomo,” and proposed to make the textbooks do not irritate neighbors ; 1993 “Kono Statement”, on comfort women during the war,orecchini tiffany, the Japanese army forced to apologize; 1995 “Murayama Statement” and reflect on the Japanese war of aggression against its neighbors and colonial rule,moncler doudoune, and the first in Asia to clearly apologize to the victims. Abe respondent in the Senate Budget Committee.

Abe’s ruling will face a more severe environment, Japanese politics will also brewing new changes.Abe rightist line: a constitutional amendment to deny history, political deregulationBlue Book that Abe rightist line contains three aspects: First, amend “the Constitution of Japan”, get rid of the post-war peace roadmap; the second is to deny and beautify aggression history; the third is political,air jordan femme, the policy of self-deregulation, leading security strategy transformation from a so-called “passive pacifism” to the so-called “active pacifism.”Abe is constitutional to develop a “three-step strategy”: first, led by the Liberal Democratic Party won the July 2013 Senate elections,tn requin, constitutional amendment is necessary to ensure that more than two-thirds of the seats; the second step,hollister femme, easy to get started promoting support The “constitutional procedural provisions” that Article 96 of the Constitution amended to relax the conditions of constitutional proposals; the third step, the final modification of the Constitution as the essence of peace lies in the first nine. In July the Senate elections, the Liberal Democratic Party,barbour paris, although to a greater advantage to win but in the end did not get more than two-thirds of the seats. Since then, Abe For first breakthrough “constitutional process clause” of the Constitution on 96 attempts also encountered resistance. In view of this,parajumpers femme, Abe turned to change strategy and try to “constitutional interpretive” approach,nike tn 2014, that is, by changing the interpretation of the principles and spirit of the Constitution.

said,abercrombie pas cher, “aggression” is defined in the academic community as well as the international community has not yet conclusive, (whether aggression) look at this question depends on which side. This “aggression undefined” A word on the immediate strongly denounced China and South Korea.