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od underground “black dens”, “black workshop” and other personnel,Replica Sunglasses AAA, as well as production and business units in the internal reporting provided above reward staff on the basis of additional grant 1000 to 2,000 yuan reward. Public disclosure of the news media in cases of violations of food safety levels in the province prior to the initiative and Food Safety Commission Office or other relevant departments collaborate to provide clues or assist in the investigation process,Replica Ray Bans China, that can be verified,Counterfeit Ray Ban, in accordance with this approach will be rewarded. Approach emphasized informer shall,Cheap Replica Ray Bans, upon receiving notification of the award within 30 days,Cheap Ray Bans, with my ID card or other valid proof of identity until authorities receive the prize and go sign formalities. Reported receiving unit shall establish and strictly enforce the reporting secrecy, without the consent of informants, not in any way publicly informer name, residence,Imitation Ray Bans, work or other identifying information. Informants reported by the name of another person deliberately fabricates facts illegal or criminal,Fake Ray Ban Wayfarer, should bear the corresponding legal responsibility.
Xinhua Beijing October 22 (Reporter Wang Sihai) Beijing animal health supervision and law enforcement officers recently seized 1.2 tons of pork without quarantine and destroy the harmful glands pork there. Reporter 22, from Beijing Animal Health Authority has learned that 20 morning, Beijing and district levels,Replica Ray Ban Aviators, animal health supervision and law enforcement officers of a joint animal products wholesale market conduct surprise night search the nearby area. Allegedly selling seized on the spot without quarantine carcass 16, weighing a total of 1.2 tons, law enforcement officers immediately save the batch of products had been registered. According to the survey, a batch of pig products from Tianjin illegally slaughtered indiscriminately slaughtered black workshop, carcass without quarantine and quarantine certificate stamp knife track, some harmful glands on the carcass has not been removed. According to reports, animal health supervision agencies jointly police department has dispatched more than 30 law enforcement officers, and according to previous track Mopai situation on the actions carried out a thorough deployment. Shippers and carriers are already on administrative filing separately,Replica Ray Bans, the case is being further processed.
【Exclusive reports Xinmin Net] National Bureau of Shanghai Survey Organization survey released on the 21st September, the city’s consumer prices continued to run high. September the city’s consumer price index rose 5.7 percent, or 0.1 percentage point drop the previous month. Which food prices rose year on year rise in 26 months consecutive. Statistics show that in September the city food prices up 26 consecutive months of increases, up 11.8 percent; chain rose 0.5%. Included in the survey of 16 species,Fake Ray Bans UK, in addition to Aquatica prices fell 0.4%, the remaining 15 species prices rise. Due to the weather, the increased supply of fresh vegetables and vegetable prices stable government policies combined effect has been a sharp rise in August,Replica Ray Ban Wayfarer, fresh vegetable prices (up 10.7% year on year,Fake Ray Bans, up 10.2 percent) from up to down, a decline of 4.4% The survey of the specific species, feathers vegetables prices from August fell to 10.49 yuan per kilogram in September of 6.89 yuan per kg,Replica Ray Bans UK, down 34.3%; others such as vegetables,Cheap Fake Ray Bans, basil vegetables,Ray Ban Outlet, soybeans,KnockOff Ray Bans, and lotus root prices fell more than 10%. The price of fresh and dried fruits in th