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according to Taiwan, “Central News Agency” reports, Xiamen occurred last April dismembered murder case, the victim arm drift to Kinmen County, Taiwan, the two sides through mutual legal assistance, August 4 to complete the transfer arm also become a strait handed murder remains first.”Central News Agency” quoted Taiwan legal department, said the man surnamed Lu,basket louboutin, Xiamen City of Fujian Province, April 6 last year due to an altercation with his girlfriend, after his girlfriend strangled with a belt, cut into pieces 8, the torso and limbs were brought Wuyuanwan Xiamen ferry terminal,felpe hollister, etc. discarded.After about a month, right arm was found dead in Taiwan.

to carry large amounts of cash. At first she said that only carry a $ 200 cash, but to declare the $ 1,200 to fill in the table, causing suspicion.According to the indictment said, in the survey, the US Customs and Border Protection officials in her purse found $ 8,hogan milano,000,woolrich arctic parka, and $ 4,000 in a cloth pocket sewn with $ 1,000 in an envelope. She later told them that she has $ 3,hogan outlet,000 in a coat,manteau pjs, $ 2,parajumpers france,000 in a bra sewn.Officials continue to investigate the discovery by, and about $ 21,000 in her waistband. It is claimed that the woman, she recently sold her house $ 120,000, part of the money has been wire to the Philippines, she was going to put some cash with you.It is understood that the reason why the woman did not put all the money wire transfer to the Philippines,hogan rebel, because she felt she would be safer with cash.US federal law requires that if the cash to carry passengers more than $ 10,000, you need to declare. This is the woman who, although not charged, but the government said the money might be detained.(Editor: Liu)(Original title: American octogenarian woman boarding a bra built a lot of cash was intercepted – Chinese International – China NewsTaiwan Network (microblogging) August 5 hearing.

For Lien Chan’s son straight text declared his candidacy for Taipei mayor, Ma Xiaoguang said that for Taiwan’s internal affairs, especially REO, we never do the evaluation. (End)(Original title: director of the Taiwan Affairs Office spokesman Zhang Zhijun visited Taiwan issue and etc.China News Network April 15 (by letter lotus) in order to defend the southwestern islands,parajumpers femme, the Japanese Maritime Self Defense Force is designed for two small frigates, to be put into production in 2018, in 2021 the official service.Reported that the Japanese Maritime Self Defense Force to defend the southwestern islands,hogan online, first introduced in addition to a small convoy of mine has two functions and deepwater submarine detection capabilities.Two new small frigate standard displacement of about 3.

Kinmen County ningxiang coast mainland Ministry of Public Security in the same year in June, the two sides mutual legal assistance through the pipeline advisory, investigative assistance Taiwan.After Taiwan’s legal department received a request for the mainland and the accompanying body parts DNA data,barbour jackets, anonymous testing confirmed cases of arms belonging to the deceased.The whole case by the Xiamen Municipal People’s Procuratorate to murder prosecution, the Supreme People’s Procuratorate on the arm is important evidence homicide investigation and trial.

000 tons, a speed of 40 miles, than the old frigate speed of nearly 10 knots. In order to efficiently obtain information in an underwater mine warfare,chaussures louboutin pas cher, which is also equipped with two frigates unmanned surface craft and unmanned submarines. Likely to occur in response to the Islands also won battle,woolrich prezzi, the Japanese Maritime Self-Defense Force also plans new small frigate combat land for small-scale transport and landing operations.Japan’s Maritime Self-Defense Force believes that the new small frigates can move quickly,barbour shop online, in response to the power play disguised as fishing vessels, but also to take advantage of its fast and flexible features, tracking deepwater submarine.It is reported that the cost of a small frigate,woolrich parka donna, is about half the old frigate, plans to put into production in 2018,zanotti, in 2021 the official service.(Original title: Japanese Maritime Self Defense Force intends to introduce a small convoy of Islands also wins battle to prepare – Chinese International – China NewsChina News Network August 10 electrical (European leaf) August 9, according to the Associated Press reported recently, an octogenarian woman trying on belts, bras and handbags in possession of a total of $ 41,000 in cash,barbour jacket, from attempting to board Detroit to international flights to the Philippines,doudoune pjs, due to carry cash and did not truthfully declare overrun was blocked off.Detroit District Court filed an indictment on the 8th, this year on April 2, a 78-year-old woman from the United States in Clearwater when trying to board a plane to the Philippines.