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“”I have a classmate, a transfer to Chongqing, in Shapingba, so I come to Chongqing.” He Nan says that after August 28 she left home,air max pas cher, the first electric car ride to the county, then travel to the provincial capital, Then the plane fly directly to Chongqing.Since there is no phone and home address, where Nan did not contact the students. After coming to Chongqing, the Three Gorges Square near her during the day wandering around various shopping malls,louboutin homme pas cher, night at the 24-hour snack shop and rest. More than 10 days, the body of the money has been depleted. But runaway stubborn supporting her, no contact with his family.”She just took away more than 1,nike tn pas cher,000 yuan in cash, two sets of clothes,louboutin femme pas cher, as well as his father used an old phone.” Ms. Zhang said,zanotti pas cher, because there is no phone card, they simply no way to contact her.Anxious of findingAccording to Ms. Zhang speaks,abercrombie and fitch pas cher, He Nan home the next day,barbour paris, the couple launched the relatives and friends and people in the village.

in the periphery began to comb looking for,nike tn pas cher, but how have no news. The couple went to the local police station, County Public Security Bureau Criminal Brigade conduct a further investigation.”Could not find her,nike air max pas cher, I told her father worried to death.” The very fact that they have a place in her daughter may arise posted notices around and through the micro-channel, microblogging and local mass media issued a missing person. Local media also the issue of what Nan runaways done tracking reports.”After a lot of search notices sent out,abercrombie fitch, there are many good-hearted people to contact us,abercrombie and fitch paris, saying it was to see what Nan.” The very fact that, up to the day took dozens of calls. But every time she excitedly rush, each time disappointed.Police also conducted investigations and,louboutin homme pas cher, ultimately, the two key clues: First, Ho Nan ID card to buy tickets to Chongqing.

the second is what Nan QQ on September 1 on the line in Shapingba short. Thus,giuseppe zanotti sneakers, the very fact that the two police rushed to Chongqing on the 11th.13 pm,abercrombie soldes, two by Henan police Shapingba police found the Sept. 1 to help Ho Nan Zhang registered Internet. While we do nothing,abercrombie et fitch, Ms. Zhang Yu Bei Road police station received a call from the police.Chongqing Evening News reporter trainee reporter Liu Yang Fan photo coverage(Original title: Henan,air max pas cher, Chongqing girls lost to supermarkets eat sMa’anshan City Flower mountainous town forward Robert Horry former team Sun Yang village,christian louboutin soldes, 510 villagers shun true home, but 35 km from the city center,abercrombie soldes, is on the City Collage has more than nine hundred square meters of two three-floor,doudoune moncler homme, also a ten Pat Heung know that business is good bathrooms and dozens of beds in hotels,abercrombie soldes, during the peak season monthly flow of 30 million,hollister soldes, more than 30,abercrombie et fitch,000 taxpayers in the local taxpayer regarded as one of the villagers self-service,christian louboutin pas cher, but in 2013 5 January 29 but suffered a disaster.That day around 5:00,nike air max pas cher, land and housing administration Secretary Jiming,giuseppe zanotti pas cher, Horry street director Xueming Ren led more than 200 inspectors, police and demolition team, etc., drove dozens of police cars,hollister abercrombie, forklifts and ambulances, for The house parties were forced removal. Yang Yishanbuzheng sleeping person being forcibly abducted out.

suddenly turned into a rubble house parties over 70 year-old mother was labeled leg fracture, brother Yang rolls cervical and lumbar spine fractures,nike tn pas cher, two broken teeth after judicial appraisal were slightly injured. According to the villagers at the scene video shows, in fact, was the crowd of onlookers, Huashan District Standing Committee, deputy head count a certain area and Political and Legal Committee Liu XX figure among them.Since then,doudoune moncler femme, Yang Zhen Shun homeless family, was placed into each room less than 10 square meters of a small hotel,parajumpers pas cher, a tough road to begin petitioning rights.Demolition in the end together noncompliantReporter According to the complaint lodged by the villagers material clues, interviewed a local deal with the matter of the Politics and Law Committee secretary of Ma’anshan City Flower mountainous Liu Wei Po. Liu Wei Bao told reporters that the mobilized public security.