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things are evolving. From a fundamental point of view, although the Chinese culture will absorb Western culture, but Chinese culture does not become a replica of European and American culture. Chinese culture after absorbing the European and American culture, will become richer, more inclusive, but also more vitality. This is in accordance with Chinese cultural self-confidence,basket louboutin femme, but also we realize “China Dream” preconditions.Fourth, how to understand the “China Dream”?We “China Dream” refers to the next generation of Chinese civilization, then this next picture, what is it? This paper argues that “China Dream” understanding can be expanded from the following aspects.First, from the “China Dream” cultural origins of view.

Zhu Xi, Wang Yangming in Chinese culture has absorbed the backdrop of Indian culture to achieve a re-expression of the “China Dream”. After the late Qing Dynasty, as China entered the “IWC” era, European and American culture fully introduced into China. In this era,doudoune parajumpers, “China Dream” as the ideal picture of the future of China will inevitably be marked with traces of European and American culture. Nevertheless, the “China Dream” is still a “Chinese dream.”Secondly, from the “China Dream” at different levels, the “China Dream” is superimposed by a number of levels up. It seems we are familiar with the legal system, including both the highest rank of the Constitution, there are second only to the Constitution of the law,hogan uomo, under the law as well as administrative regulations, local regulations and local government regulations, as well as a lower rank other normative file. “China Dream” can also come from different levels of understanding: one of the highest levels of spiritual culture.

which is the “China Dream” most secret core. Next is the “China Dream” institutional culture. For example,barbour jacket, eighteen report summarized,manteau pjs, “the party’s leadership,hogan rebel, people are the masters and the rule of law unified state machine.

Therefore, accurate to say is: It is not the conquest of Buddhist culture,woolrich parka uomo, replacing the Chinese culture,woolrich outlet online, but Chinese culture transformation, to absorb the Buddhist culture.After the 19th century, Chinese culture suffered a second foreign culture is European and American Christian culture. Before and after the Sino-Japanese War, the impact of the foreign culture to the Chinese people to bring the “heaven and earth upside down” like shock,woolrich prezzi, Chinese people’s confidence in the Chinese local culture began to shake. Since then,parajumpers pas cher, not confident culture, has become China’s hard to get rid of the shadow. However,parajumpers, the same will not conquer Europe and the United Christian culture of Chinese culture,parajumpers homme, it also would have translated into Chinese culture,woolrich arctic parka, absorbed and become Chinese culture in contemporary and future self-renewal and self-growth additives or supplements.In the near term,barbour jackets, European and American culture looks very attractive, seems to represent the “end” or “the ultimate form of” human civilization. However.

for the future,hollister online, “China Dream” is a variety of different historical periods and origins converge, the results of integration. It’s like a river,doudoune parajumpers, always converge accepted tributaries became like rivers. “China Dream” as well. “China Dream” the first source, written in as “Shan Hai Jing” Such classics. “Shan Hai Jing” in braggadocio, criminal days,louboutin homme pas cher, Jingwei, Goddess, carrying the first “China Dream.” Later the Duke of Zhou, Confucius,hollister felpe, Dong Zhongshu, have expressed different periods of “China Dream.” After the introduction of Buddhism to China, Patriarch expressed at that time, “China Dream” in the most subtle part. Later.