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powerful far to see Choi Kang sat on the roadside grass playing with the phone,basket nike tn pas cher, rushed over, took the phone to play up.”Men go over there to play it.” Choi Kang strong arm around the shoulder, pointed to the distance.”Go there doing?” Is playing enthusiastically’s strong rise toward the place looked a cousin fingers, then looked down playing with the phone.”To play this game,abercrombie soldes HUocZvzpQ3GZGwmDpC,abercrombie et fitch, it is not noisy, but also the leeward.” Choi Kang calmly said, clutch powerful left the road, went over toward the depths of the field. Nearby,woolrich uomo, a meandering brook overgrown with weeds among farmland,scarpe hogan uomo ykOqIcVH5Imp5Gzryo, extending in autumn.Went to a small river,scarpe hogan KsZlU3jEmM1Vdywi9m, at a slope, the two sat down on the grass. Being attracted strong game against Choi Kang arms, playing with the game on the phone,magasin hollister france 5pQJGZJQaHQbp7tLYj, giggling and laughing from time to time.Ten minutes later, Choi Kang look back to the distant gaze, with a strong arm suddenly reined neck. Unsuspecting strong after struggling for a few minutes,barbour france, the phone slipped from the hands,barbour paris, then silence.Choi Kang stood up, the paralysis in his arms forcefully Shuaixiang powerful rivers, and grabbed a few weeds, cover the exposed surface of the body of the powerful. Then, he called strong mom’s phone number -“But you strong mom?”After getting the phone strong positive response mother, Cui Kang then hang up the phone and quickly edit a text message sent in the past: “Ready 150,tn pas chere,000, your son has been kidnapped, do not alarm, otherwise kill your son. “After a child, not seen the reply,hogan scarpe, Choi Kang again the phone call in the past, after several more tones, I hear my mother’s voice strong.”Who are you?””But you strong mom? Where do you do?” Choi Kang low voice asked.”I work in the field of it, you can be something?””You look at the information on the phone.

most of the time looking down at the toes,hogan interactive uomo ZNPcoCEluolTwUFg7E, hands and fingers intertwined, the prosecutor and the presiding judge at the time to ask questions,outlet hogan, will look up.”After you strangled strong, is how to ask for money?” The prosecutor asked.

according to the information said to do.””What, you’re Wenwen?” Over the phone, the powerful mother listening to this inexplicable sound somewhat like doorstep nephew, calling, Choi Kang nickname asked.”What does Wen Wen Wen Wen, no, you see information!” Immediately, Cuiwen Kang hung up the phone.Hard to imagine that, in the brutally killed after young lives cousin, Choi Kang returned to the town, was able to sit in the cafe again calmly,louboutin pas cher, safely indulge in a networked world.3, for the table innocence active phone alarm”Strong household accident”!In a strong field work in accordance with Choi Kang’s mother, “indicates” open the message, a look at the content, suddenly scared out of their wits, her husband’s phone rang trembling,nike air max 1 u6rJ6y48vLThKnDXYM, tearful, incoherent telephone and SMS in the town told work husband.That night,collane tiffany, the powerful families by making inquiries, I learned powerful Choi Kang may be taken away, and by Choi Kang’s father and uncle thousands of miles of telephone reminders,abercrombie france p6tcytACvXRdDozoVI, know where the cafe after Choi Kang in town ” Poly-pass “Internet cafes Choi Kang found.”Wenwen,doudoune parajumpers, you get strong household gone?” Powerful Choi Kang’s father pulled up from the front of the computer.

pull the cafe door, anxiously asked.”I suspect you are, I did not bring strong.” Face questioning, Choi Kang calmly responded. In order to show his innocence,felpe hollister, Choi Kang, took to the local police station to play to call: “There is a child missing,louboutin pas cher, they doubt me, or else you look it.”A few minutes later, police staff has received strong warning parents rushed to the cafe door,abercrombie italia, took Choi Kang.”He was like, really looked like he did not, did so much to do,abercrombie pas cher yY5ouECZnjRbjDe1Qu, but also so calm, I really can not believe it.” That night stay strong in the cafe to find his father’s Choi Kang Cui Qingsheng recall from the scene at that time,abercrombie and fitch paris, incredible.April 22, 2014, Bengbu City Intermediate People’s Court in this case was heard.Sitting in the defendant gallery Choi Kang.

you know the family’s phone you””I dad I do not know, just remember Anma numbers.” Powerful playing with the phone, excitedly playing games,hogan scarpe, casually mother’s phone number reported to Choi Kang.”Powerful, you go home, but also from here to go to school in the afternoon, when the time to play with.”Standing on the roadside, looking strong bounce towards the village ran subtle hint of laughter, inadvertently slip Choi Kang young face. But, this smile mixed with a little excitement and cold.2,hogan outlet, the brutal murder of a cousin of extortion 150,000Shortly after 12 o’clock,hogan olympia, my heart misses brother cell phone games, combining a hurried lunch, went to school early.Come to a junction.