Because of poverty following the death of her father

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Because of poverty following the death of her father, Annie did not regularly attend school. Later she received some additional education. Apparently, she could not spell her family’s name, since she later rendered it ending in “ee”. Her family’s surname, “Mosey”, ending in “y”, appears on her father’s gravestone[17] and in his military record; it is the official spelling by the Annie Oakley Foundation maintained by her living relatives.[4][18]My cousin lives in Ft Mitchell KY and works in Cincinnati. I did a bit of Googling using some of the neighborhoods near him (Newport and Covington) and came up with this curious page called Cincinnati As Metropolis that has some demographic data that covers the whole area including KY and IN. It’s pretty dry but you can get some neat data for a lot of the neighborhoods including how they’re changing. You might also get some good atmosphere-type information from Best of Cincinnati which does include the metro areas in the awards it gives out but well. It’s definitely fun to poke around in
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