being treated in hospital for told reporters

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“If not for them, my injury is more serious than this.” Speaking of his injured climbers concerned,moncler uomo, being treated in hospital for told reporters, etc. discharged after yourself, be sure to personally thank the day to help her students, “they I feel the warmth and kindness. ”

□ East today reported trainee reporter Feng Chao / Ventura

Spring Mountaineering female tourists accidentally falls

March 15,tiffany outlet, to coincide with the weekend. Xie Yumin and six of his colleagues, similar to the earthquake zone go pingqiao Thunder Mountain Tachun play. come from the hill of the western end of the east side of this quiet beauty marvel. Near midday, just when we decided to return down the mountain, the accident happened.

“In the downhill at the mound,moncler outlet ufficiale, and I slipped and fell to the ground,parajumpers, the calf at the moment uplift big package, and oozing blood.” Situation let companions panic, by virtue of past experience, few people helped her sitting on the ground, in order to avoid secondary injury, fellow police immediately, waiting for rescue.

Lu Yu ill college students lend a helping hand

While waiting for it to bear the pain in ,louboutin, seeing more than a dozen young people came to Xie Yumin,moncler online italia, claiming studying nursing at school.

Xie Yumin for fear of drying in the sun too long exhaustion, several male students carried her to the top of the work room,negozi tiffany, then helped her dispose of injuries. A boy from the commissary borrowed scissors, cut the hoop in her pants legs, a girl wearing a white jersey will be a clean cloth torn in half, to buy ice cream is fixed in the affected area, as well as people bought safflower oil, to prepare for contingencies.

From the foot of the mountain Zhenlei reach the top, there are hundreds of steps. Half an hour later, two 120 nurses carrying a stretcher,louboutin pas cher, came panting Xie Yumin. When carried her to the ambulance,scarpe hogan, a group of young people in a hurry to leave.

“We just did a thing to do.”

Xie Yumin responsible for treating doctor told reporters, thanks to those who deal with young people early in time, or else,woolrich roma, her injuries may be more serious.

Reporters learned that multi inquire,moncler sito ufficiale, the group of young people from Xinyang Vocational and Technical College 2013 clinical 13,14,15 classes, a total of 16 people.

Speaking of emergency the day, the girls Jiangshao Min told reporters: “It was to see someone hurt,hollister pas cher, he wanted to go to help us do just supposed to do..”

(Original title: woman hiking rescue injured a dozen college students relay)