Big money flowing in SeaTac minimum wage fight

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A proposal to raise the wages of workers in and around Seattle-Tacoma International Airport has drawn and big cash is starting to follow.
There are just 11,852 registered voters in the city of SeaTac eligible to vote Nov. 5 on an setting a $15-hour minimum wage for thousands of airport, hotel, car rental and other employees.
Supporters and opponents of the measure already have raised $440,000 combined for the looming battle about $37 per voter.
,Celebrity Red Carpet Watch_0, a business-funded political-action committee seeking to defeat the union-backed measure, has raised more than $243,000, according to reports?filed with the state Public Disclosure Commission (PDC).
That includes $75,000 from the American Car Rental Association,, $50,000 from a PAC representing state hotel owners and $15,000 each from Alaska Airlines and the Washington Restaurant Association.
Supporters of the wage law, organized as ,NFL Jerseys Uniforms Outlet Store, have raised more than $197,000. That includes $50,000 from the state council of the Service Employees International Union and $25,000 from the International Brotherhood of Teamsters.
In addition to a $15 minimum wage for airport-related businesses, the initiative would require employers to provide paid sick leave and offer jobs to part-time workers before hiring new full-time employees. If an affected business is sold, the new owner would be required to retain existing employees for at least 90 days.?Those requirements can all be waived if a business agrees to a collective bargaining agreement with a union.
Supporters of the law say airport workers deserve a living wage and argue it will benefit businesses where those workers shop. But opponents argue it will harm businesses and lead to fewer jobs for low-wage workers.
Seattle Times business reporter Amy Martinez had a roundup of the debate among business owners,, workers and others over the initiative .