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At first, still a bit fuzzy, after a while children, the world becomes clear. “Vision better than when wearing glasses.” Guo excited.Yesterday afternoon, Guo on the bed recalled his own small to large and thick lenses grew up with the process.7 years old, first grade, he first put on his spectacles. That year,bijou pandora, about two Guo is 2500 degrees of myopia. Two days of that year, Guo myopia to 2,800 degrees,red bottom shoes, after entering high school, left to reach 3,000 degrees, right eye 3200 degrees.If such a degree on the ordinary people, estimates are “earth-shattering” but in Guo’s family, the not so “sensational.” “My uncle, aunt of the children inside, there are two close to 2,000 degrees.

two more than 2000 degrees.”And Guo’s father also has this family disease,louboutin, and his right eye in his sudden blindness was 15 years old, then necrosis, left is super high.Donation was rejected because of high myopiaWhile wearing thick glasses, but visual acuity after correction Guo, peace still a far cry compared to ordinary people. After wearing glasses, his left eye is 0.2, visual acuity was 0.12.Because see, usually when the Internet,nike tn pas cher magasin, Guo and most people do not like the normal way to browse on the web. “I can only put down to copy the contents of a web page, paste it into a document and then zoom in on the font of view.”Guo says he is constantly adjust their attitude so that they accept the reality,christian louboutin paris, but sometimes being touched something. “In the field study at university, and students to donate blood once on the blood donation vehicle intends to donate blood,air max pas cher enfant, I casually asked one, over 3000 degrees of myopia can offer it? Staff car listening to say, ‘Oh, that ah, you or do not offer a ‘. “This time, let Guo inner experience “very hurt”, and “I was shortsighted,air max pas cher, even my blood not use it?”Doctors put into his eyes, “small glasses”The day before yesterday at noon, Guo help in caring people in Xiamen Eye Center underwent surgery. In addition to Guo costs of health care outside the Eye Center also sent the most authoritative experts to Guo surgery.”He’s too deep myopia,tn requin, refractometer can only test to 3,000 degrees, more than 3000 degrees to test it out, and then we gave him a B-eye,barbour paris, he calculated the axial length,basket louboutin, and then through His measure axial length of his myopia,Giuseppe Zanotti, 3600 degrees,air max pas cher pour femme, which is why we had the highest admissions of myopia. “ophthalmology center staff.Xiamen Eye Center LIBERATION,tn soldes, director, key operation is to implant an IOL each inwardly Guo eyes, “The crystal is on his iris, 7.5 mm long, 5 mm wide,louboutin prix, we are in his cornea opened on the edge of a 5 mm incision.

reported as calm on the name of a friend of gold, can not match the physical characteristics evident. Police repeatedly asked,nike tn officiel, Wu was forced to explain the true identity.(Original title: Boss fraud 2 million “for projects,” “turning” seclusion was arrested si(Reporter Yuan Guoli) Zhang burglary, the stolen laptop computers, cameras, etc. are all discarded, yet a shopping card as a baby, with this card to go shopping, to be caught. Reporters learned yesterday from Changping Procuratorate, Zhang was approved the arrest on suspicion of theft.The morning of December 21 last year, Zhang came to a village.

and then go into the crystal, equivalent to his eyes into the ‘small glasses’. “Zhang said, well, then,site hollister, this “small glasses” allows Guo lifetime without replacement.Changjiang Daily News (Reporter correspondent Hu Wei Wu side) Suzhou man cheated after Wu business partner 2 million yuan of funds, carrying his girlfriend hid in Wuhan. The two “turning” seclusion for six months, or be found by the police. Yesterday, Suzhou Wu was handed over to the police.38-year-old Wu opened in Suzhou private lending company, but became obsessed with gambling. Soon,christian louboutin pas cher, millions of family property under hard work by his defeat to the cleaners. students “intended to retire,” before leaving the decision to get a ‘money for the journey “for ourselves and our fellow gambling girlfriend.Last September, Wu found former business partner Lee, said the possible introduction of a municipal bridge project investment return rate doubled. Wu has always “have ways,” Lee no doubt, and soon transferred to two million yuan Wu.Money one hand, Wu disappeared. Suzhou police concluded Wu fled the field, immediately issued an arrest warrant.After Wu fool money,barbour pas cher, a friend brought his girlfriend defected Wuhan. Wu found that more foreigners dunkou Economic Development Zone, many foreigners, for hiding. He borrowed a friend’s ID to rent down through the open area near the Wanda Plaza. In order to deceive the public, Wu and his girlfriend have had a “turning”, looks handsome Wu build from the beard and long hair, put on black-rimmed glasses and a cap.But too “low profile” but attracted attention. Police visited the area at the time of Wanda learned recently moved to a foreign accent, especially the silent young couple, both see the two work, visiting friends and relatives they have not seen the face of the neighbor’s conversation is particularly tense.Yesterday, the police to register the information on the grounds of temporary residents knocked on the door.