Unique Advantages of Portable Crushing Plant

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Feeding Size: 1-750mm

Production Capacity: 90-450t / h

Application Fields: Portable crusher plant is widely used in mining ore crushing, construction waste recycling, construction aggregate production, highway, railway, road and bridge construction and other industries.

Applicable Materials: widely used for crushing various hard rock materials and ore materials, such as granite, basalt, diabase, shale, sandstone, quartz, pebble, limestone, iron ore, copper ore, manganese ore, coal gangue, non-ferrous metal ore, pebble, etc.

Portable crusher plant is a new type of intelligent equipment which integrates crushing, screening, power, transportation and walking. It is a new type of mobile crushing equipment suitable for all kinds of stone crushing. Compared with the traditional stone crusher, the new generation of mobile crusher has been greatly improved in terms of internal structure, installation and operation, environmental protection design and other aspects, and is loved by the majority of users in many industries.

Unique advantages of automatic portable screening and crushing plant

1. The vehicle mounted device, no matter the tire or the track structure, can realize the free movement of the operation site and facilitate the transfer.

2. The configuration of generator set can realize the dual-use of oil and electricity. On the one hand, it can reduce the dependence on industrial electricity. On the other hand, in case of power failure and other emergencies, the full-automatic ore screening and crushing machine can still operate normally without delaying the progress of the project.

3. The screening and crusher equipment are reasonably matched, the dust pollution on the operation site is less, and the green production is achieved.

4. Immediate production, fixed hydraulic legs, no need for piling and fixation, improve production efficiency, and can be directly moved when transferring, saving disassembly and assembly steps.

5. According to the user’s demand, the screening machine and crusher can be configured to meet the production demand, with good production effect, meet the demand of the quarry and good market.

processing flow of portable crushing and screening plant

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Portable crusher plant is a new type of multi-functional ore processing equipment, which is loved by users once it is launched. It can match different equipment according to production demand. Portable crushing and screening plants is a multi equipment combined device, which is mainly used for crushing and processing of all kinds of crushing materials, and is active in various mines and streets, belonging to an unusual portable crushing equipment.

Processing flow of portable crushing and screening production line

The reason why this equipment is said to be a portable crushing and screening integrated production line is that it is equipped with feeding, crushing, screening, conveying and other devices, and can realize the full-automatic mode of crushing and processing operation under the control of the electronic control system, also known as the full intelligent portable crusher.

This portable crushing and screening integrated production line is equivalent to an intelligent + portable coat crushing production line. The main processing flow is divided into single machine operation and multi machine combined operation, as follows:

Single machine operation: vibrating feeder – crushing processing – conveyor belt transportation to the vibrating screen – vibrating screen to screen out the particle size required by customers, to meet the requirements of the left, not meet the requirements of the material, conveyor belt re sent to the crusher for secondary crushing processing, that is, the output of the finished product. (applicable to materials with smaller feed particle size and softer properties)

Combined operation of multiple machines: vibrating feeder – portable jaw crusher plant for primary crushing – conveyor belt transporting to portable impact crusher / portable cone crusher for secondary crushing, crushing to the appropriate size into the screening machine – vibrating screen screening out the finished product size meeting the requirements. (applicable to materials with large feed particle size. It can also be combined with the portable sand making machine for sand making operation according to the demand)

Bright Prospect of Sand Making Machine

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Sand making production line is complete sets of equipment for machine-made sand making, and sand making machine is excellent in several types of sand making equipments. Important features of influence sand maker are twin-motor-driven, dynamic, efficient using of breaking stone with stone and iron, so its capacity is guaranteed. Another advantage of sand making machine is lower investment which is lower than that of new sand making machine, so influence sand maker is the best choice for sand making.

Sand making machine is one of the important products and its technology is very skillful. The demand for effect sand maker in the Northwest region is the great period of growth in the coming years, so the application of influence sand maker inside the Northwest Territories is very good, will bring more excellent crusher products to participate within the world’s competition.

Northwest Territories is usually a vast region with numerous mountains and rivers, grasslands, deserts, and its sand stone resource is rich. Desert sand has been significant weathered, so can’t be applied to infrastructure projects, and the Yellow River sand mining is limited, which opens up a good living environment for sand making machine like effect sand maker.

The pace of development in the Northwest is increasing one year one year. So in the coming years, infrastructure projects are huge and gravel needs are considerable, which is actually a good chance for rapid development of influence sand making machine.

Stone Crusher Is Suitable for Crushing Ore and Stone

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The stone crusher is extremely suitable for crushing the mining ore and stone and ccording to the demand of production, the stone crusher price will also vary greatly. Each year, a big variety of raw supplies as well as the reused fertilizers need to be crushed by the crusher in several industrial sectors, including metallurgy, mining, chemical and cement market. As an example, within the concentrator, so that you can obtain the monomer separation with the beneficial minerals inside the ore, the stone crusher is necessary to become used to crush the raw ores to the necessary particle size of the grinding procedure. The grinding machine is applied to grind the raw components offered by the stone crusher for the particle size from the next operation.

The stone crushing machine is primarily utilised inside the stone production line. The stone production line is primarily divided in to the ore crushing production line along with the sand production line. The stone production line is usually to crush the stone, which is usually utilised for mineral separation and also the sand production. Stone crusher is usually correctly employed to crush the materials with excellent moisture content, which can stop the clogging phenomenon with the crusher. Stone crusher is often appropriate for crushing each the soft materials plus the hard supplies. The stone crusher created by has incredibly excellent quantity of motion, which is usually auto tough materials with low energy consumption. stone crusher can conveniently and flexibly adjust the particle size in the discharging materials with wide adjustment variety. The attrition in the wearable components is tiny and the metal utilization is higher. The replacement with the spare parts is easy and the maintenance cost reduces correspondingly.

The stone crusher developed has the following characteristics.
First, the stone crusher has very simple structure, stable work, small size, light weight and easy adjustment of discharging opening.

Second, the stone crusher created by has wonderful processing capacity. The grain type of the finished products is very good.

Third, the stone crusher has the advantages of good crushing ratio, low power consumption and straightforward structure.

Mobile Crushers: https://m.zenithcrusher.com/products/mobile-crusher/

vibrating screening technology in mineral processing

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We all know the importance of mineral processing equipment screening technology, auxiliary processing equipment is more important, the vibrating screen main role is to and breaking and grinding process are combined, the beneficiation of mineral processing equipment quality and efficiency have direct effect.


Screening process of mineral processing equipment is mainly divided into check screening and preliminary screening, the specific details are as follows: the role of their pre screening: the use of combined crushing process this process mainly and mineral processing equipment, the main role is to raw ore screening, if the size of the original ore at the fine crushing requirements directly from the conveyor to the crusher for crushing, not in the crushing process of coarse broken.

This improves the efficiency of crushing, improves the overall yield of mineral processing equipment. Check screening: the screening technology and grinding process combination, and the composition of the circular flow. We called this kind of screening technology for fine, its main function is to inspect the equipment after the grinding ore, for not to meet the requirements of the ore will be transported to the ball mill for grinding, screening technology can ensure the check the grinding quality, but also improve the quality of subsequent choose don’t process efficiency and concentrate ore. Different screening technology of mineral processing equipment in the role of explanation.