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have also Bengzhi face filling with a smile. Smile so sweet – it is a beauty girl, fair complexion, black hair, ponytail over the shoulder, eyebrows arched, his eyes large and agile,boutique christian louboutin, glitter eyelashes, nose Junting, oval face was covered with a pair of small dimples.Such a beautiful girl with a dream,abercrombie & fitch, sitting opposite, almost to forget that she is a disabled person with severe cerebral palsy – unable to speak the same as ordinary people,hollister paris, unable to control the limbs,moncler, life can not take care of themselves, but also hard to imagine 200,000 words “indomitable angel,” a book is how to “write out”. From 2004 she began keeping a diary nose typing, essays,abercrombie, creative ancient poetry, wrote a total of more than 20 million words, each one has its portrayal of her life,modelli hollister, indomitable soul.[Lens II]Zhaochen Fei first learn to control the mouse with the lower jaw, a little rub, forced small or big, are positioning allowed. She also used the nose, jaw typing. At the beginning of practice, nose and jaw swollen,louboutin soldes, torn skin, and bleeding. She did not flinch, after a hard training, and finally learn computer typing.Day rely on a wheelchair, is also extremely limited ability to speak, to make a great effort to spit a few simple words, and then looked at his mother, “translation”, which is the plight have faced every day.August 11,barbour homme, 1985, Zhaochen Fei was born in Liaoning Xifeng County,air max pas cher femme, more than 20 minutes due to hypoxia leads to severe cerebral palsy at birth. “As a boy, her little body just like soft noodles,christian louboutin for cheap, could not move; bigger because they can not control, body and stiff, life completely rely on people to take care of.” Mom said.There are a lot of times, well-meaning doctors are reminding Mashu Yan “This child can not feed, easy to die,” but she has quit his job, at home to learn sewing,barbour france, taking care of her daughter, the family father alone tens of dollars meager wages life. Care Zhaochen Fei.

visited local hospitals, father and mother very hard, can not occur miracle medicine. “Jiao girls this frail disability,peuterey outlet, medical treatment is difficult and forth for several years. His life to live but who suffer? Nightly dark shells dry red tears.” Later, Zhaochen Fei with such a poem to describe life at that time.Zhaochen Fei grew up,moncler piumini, mouth,christian louboutin for cheap, hands and feet, although not normal, but she seems smarter than the average child, her mother taught her poetry quatrains,abercrombie italia, again as long as she can remember. She was very eager to go to school. Mother asked through all the local primary school, no one was willing to receive her.One day in 2001, Zhou Xueyan Xifeng County special education school principals to make clothes for her family, saw the lone morning flight was very distressed,abercrombie france, they receive her. 16 years old, usually girls middle school age, she walked into the school.In special education school, the class Zhaochen Fei and deaf classmates learn cultural knowledge. She is very cherish this rare opportunity to learn,basket louboutin, regardless of wind and rain, never late. Is not to trouble the teacher, she does not drink one day at school. Action is limited,abercrombie france, she can only rely on your eyes, ears, brain to remember. Hand can not move, she could only use his chin open book, a book every turn, has to spend his strength.The biggest difficulty is unable to write. In 2003, a kind of local leaders bought a computer. Computer seems to give this unfortunate girl mounted wings and let her dream of writing can fly.